Saturday, August 31, 2013

Snapshot | Saturday

I thought that since this weekend is a fabulous (much needed) three day weekend - I would do a photo post each day. We slept till almost 1pm lol, so today's entry won't have too many pictures. (We were so tired) Our Saturday has been all about relaxing, homemade pizzas, corn hole, and various adult beverages. It has been glorious. How is your weekend going so far? :)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Review | Derma E's BB Creme

I tried BB creme for the first time at the beginning of my last pregnancy. My friend Jesslyn was visiting from Texas and she was using a creme by Garnier. I ended up purchasing my own tube - only to be grossed out by the scent. (Pregnancy woes) To this day it makes me sick when I think about that particular BB creme lol. 
Since last Summer I have tried many brands and none of them have worked for me. They all make these grand promises. "Renews...brightens...hydrates...protects!" Brittany just ends up looking like a shiny raccoon! (Oily and dark circles lol) BB cremes have never provided enough coverage for my face - until now. :) 
I really love the guys over at Derma E, they have been so kind to me. I am absolutely infatuated with their BB Creme! Finally a real color-correcting beauty balm that actually conceals! 
Please excuse everything about this photo. It was taken at about 7 o'clock in the morning. I was sleepy and I had no eyebrows. Literally, I was only wearing the BB Creme. I think it looks pretty darn good all things considered. I have been one busy mama lately - a good bit of very little sleep is happening for me right now. 
Eyebrows y'all!
Ugh, I'm not a fan of before and after photos. I hope you guys appreciate it lol! This BB Creme makes my skin look so radiant. It's super moisturizing without being oily...or smelling nasty. (Cough Garnier cough) It only has a very very faint herbal scent - which I approve of. ;) Currently this creme only comes in two shades. (light & medium) I am unsure if Derma E has any plans on coming out with any more colors. I think these two are pretty universal though and will work for many different skin tones. I will tell you that this product is a hot item! Last time I was doing a Derma E review I was browsing through the rest of their line and the BB Cremes were actually sold out! (Crazy huh?) They are just that good. 
Unlike many other cremes on the market this one is 100% vegan, paraben-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, mineral oil-free, lanolin-free, gluten free, and GMO free. That is a lot of positive usage of the word "free" folks. :) It's ingredients include Active Plant Stem Cells that brighten and even your skin, how cool is that? You can apply it over primer, moisturizer, or gel, or you can use it to replace your foundation like I did! This lady right here highly recommends it. Derma E has impressed me yet again!

Check out my handsome birthday boy! We are having his 4th birthday party on this Sunday. I took this photo! I think it turned out kinda gorgeous. 

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Review | Downy Unstopables in-wash Laundry Scent Booster

(We got ours on sale for $5.99 on 8/27)
I was perusing through the Target dollar spot the other day when I happened across a sample of this new product by Downy. (See product line here) It was a little sachet ($1) that contained enough for two loads of clothes. I was so pleased with the smelly-good-ness of my laundry that I ran back to Target the following day and bought a full size bottle. 
I'm not sure why - but I've never been very happy with the scent of my clothes when they are fresh out of the dryer. Maybe detergent/softener commercials have made my expectations too high? There is no snuggly bear when I remove my clothes! Flowers are not shooting through the air! I am not dancing in a field next to a clothes line with happy children running around! I disapprove of the lack of these things. -_-
These little scent booster beads by Downy have finally done the trick. (They don't create hallucinations - they just smell nice) I can leave the laundry room door open and our entire house smells like amazing things. (I believe this particular scent is Glow?) The sample I tried before I bought the full size was the purple kind - aka Lush? 
Somehow this product has made it pleasant for me to wash my family's clothes. This is a small miracle my friends. I find Downy Unstopables Laundry in-wash Scent Booster to be a very enjoyable product. Way to go Downy!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Review | Taylor by Taylor Swift Eau de Parfum Spray

Every now and then I feel so passionate about something that it requires me to go on a lengthy blog rant. I'm going to apologize for this one in advance. You best ready thyself!
----------> Begin rant <----------
Matt came home from work with a terrible headache today. Unfortunately - Miri decided that tonight was the infant night of screams. (Sounds like a bad M. Night Shyamalan movie) Literally...she would just sit in her bouncy seat and scream like a banshee. (Then she would purse her lips and glare/repeat) We have a professional diva on our hands folks. So - I decided that I would give Matt some relief and take Miri shopping with me. Miri and I love to go on mother/daughter shopping adventures. (We have loads of fun) I was on the hunt for roller clips for my hair...and hot chocolate...maybe lol. 
Our first stop was an unsuccessful trip to Wal-mart. We ended up finding what we were looking for at Sally's Beauty Supply instead. (5 mins till close) The cashier was actually really rude to me. :( I apologized to her for being in the store so near closing time. (I went right to what I needed and went straight to the register...probably 35 seconds of total shopping) She then snarkily said to me "Oh it's no problem! If you had been in any closer to 8...well...I probably wouldn't have been so nice." I just stared at her. I ended up hastily purchasing my clips and leaving. (Opelika location) At least they had my clips?
Crappy Sally's visit aside...Miri and I then travelled over to ULTA. We grabbed a couple items and were about to leave when I spotted Taylor Swift's new fragrance! 
Anything Miss Swift always catches my eye because my little sister India loves her. We have listened to her albums many a time in Wanda (Yolanda) the Honda. (Accord) lol So - Miri and I rolled over to see what this new fragrance was all about! (We are fans of the Wonderstruck fragrance btw) Firstly, the bottle is to die for. It may be one of my favorite bottles ever. It's a large vase-like clear glass bottle with a smaller bottle inside that holds the liquid. (It makes it magically appear that you are getting quite a lot of product when you really aren't) The top of the bottle is flat with multi-colored swirls with pearls and a fanciful cap. It's just the bees knees. At first sniff I "thought" I really enjoyed it. Similar to Wonderstruck - it had a very sweet scent. (Luscious fruits, blushing florals, and soft woods blah blah blah) Initially I was sad...I thought "hey, I like this and I'm poor and can't afford it." Even a crappy roller ball "Taylor" was $20. -_- (Don't get me started on fragrance prices y'all) I then decided to spritz it on myself...right when this stuff made contact with my skin I knew I had made a terrible mistake that only a shower could remedy. The best way I can describe this perfume after it sat on my skin for about 30 mins is a bubblegum scent?...with a hint of cheap hairspray. (It's shocking/sad I know!) It actually smells like something I would buy Miri in the kiddie perfume section at Wal-mart. I mean...Love's Baby Soft cologne is better by leaps and bounds. (I've always loved that stuff, sniff sniff mmm...childhood) I immediately called up my sister to tell her the disappointing news. We also had a nice laugh over the name. Original Miss Swift...real original. 
Please go to your local perfume counter and give this stuff a good test. Let me know how you feel about it. I know I'm rarely ever this mean in a review but I just found "Taylor" by Taylor Swift simply revolting. There...I said it. 
Happy Saturday y'all hahaha!

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Life Update & Small Amazon Haul

Things have been pretty rough lately. Miri has decided that she isn't going to sleep through the night. (dun-dun-dun) So - I've been getting up several times a night to pop a pacifier back in her mouth...eventually to no avail. :( You can add in the random bottles here and there too. I think we are going to have to break down and purchase a swing. (A nice one that has a pretty high weight limit) My mom has this ---->one<---- that she uses at her house. Miri adores it, but I just don't think we can spend $135.22 on a stinkin' swing. Miri just sleeps away while at my parent's apartment in Auburn. (Grrr) Mom watches the kids during the day, so I can't steal her swing. I just texted my cousin to see if she has one she will sell me. If not - I'm going to start scouring Craigslist and Facebook yard-sale groups. Something has gotta give! On a more positive note...I have declared every Friday to be "baked goods Friday" at work. (I need a more clever name lol) So for tomorrow...I have made a large assortment of cookies. (Vegan everything, peanut butter chocolate chip, and sugar cookies) I like to bake and it gives me something to look forward to preparing each week. Work is still going fantastic...although it gets pretty hot in there. (I will survive!) Tonight I'm going to post a small Amazon haul. I have a lot of cleaning to do around the house...and I definitely need a shower! (Treadmill too?) How has your week been? :) 
This is technically the second American Apparel hoodie that I have gotten this week lol. (Along with a couple t-shirts) I picked up a regular style purple hoodie from work earlier today. Oh the soft-ness! I have become quite the t-shirt/hoodie snob since I started working at Mammoth Printshop. (haha) I think I could curl up and sleep on a pile of American Apparel stuff. It's exciting to start adding Fall items to my wardrobe! I'm gearing up for some cooler temperatures y'all! Now only if they would go ahead and get here...
For the longest time I have been using a Kool-Kase (similar to this one) on my iPhone 4 that I purchased off eBay. It's all glittery and I really really love it. Sadly/lately it has been pushing all kinds of random buttons when I'm on the phone. For some reason the Kool-Kase is now covering part of the sensor on my phone. I finally got ticked off and decided that "this will just not do" and I purchased this case. I'm a sucker for anything galaxy print. Now that I mention it - I think I'm actually going to wear a galaxy bandeau and a tank to work tomorrow. Bam.

Go ahead and snicker! I have to do a good bit of repetitive physical activity at work. (As fun as this may be) It has lead me to be in a great deal of pain for the majority of each day. I have a terrible neck and back that give me grief constantly. :( A couple of days ago I realized that my neck/shoulder hurt less when I held myself up straight. I thought that this support belt might make me feel better. At this point - I'm willing to try anything. I ended up at the Chiropractor today and I have an appointment scheduled for Monday as well. Here's to no pain! :) Cross your fingers for me! I will do a review for you guys on this device if it works. 

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Review | Frownies Immune Screen Natural Sunscreen

Sun care products have been a big favorite of mine lately. Since the Cherry family resides in Alabama...we still have quite a few hot days (sadly) in our near future. So don't go thinking it is time for me to put away my sunscreen just yet! Frownies (the maker of natural skincare products) has come out with an awesome daily SPF-15 sunscreen for the face, neck, and chest. It's the first thing I reach for in the morning after I cleanse my face. I have found that it makes a great primer that softens the skin while protecting it against the sun's nasty rays. (I have enough freckles already, k-thanks!)
The brownish cream quickly soaks into the skin after application and hides imperfections without looking all nasty/greasy, aka not turning you into "Mirror-face-Mcgee." (Make sure you shake it first though!) The scent is very subtle - I'm sure that most of you will be pleased to know that it doesn't have a ton of perfume in it - and that Frownies doesn't test on animals! Immune Screen's ingredients (Green tea extracts, Organic oat oil, Aloe Vera gel, Melanin, and coconut oil) help stop the signs of aging. (Now, that's what a girl in her late 20s likes to hear folks!) I think the Organic oat oil is where it's scent is coming from. The only thing I don't really like about this product is the packaging. I can't put my finger on what it is - maybe the font? or color scheme? Whatever - these are things that really don't matter in the long haul. It's what's on the inside that really counts. :) 

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Review | yurbuds Sport Earphones

Something must be in the water. Everybody - and their cousin is somewhere running a 5k nowadays. (Including me) Up until now I have had zero interest in running - now my brain is all...must run! I think everybody is having an quarter life crisis lol. Matt and I have already done one 5k this year. (The Tomato Run 5k @ Earth Fare in Montgomery) We are running "The Color Vibe" 5k in November next. (Heck - Matt is actually running on the treadmill as I type haha) Why am I blabbing about running? Because I have a fancy new set of sport headphones that I want to brag about. ;) That's why.
When I was about 16 I had a pair of green neon jelly headphones that would not fall out of my ears. They wrapped around the back of my ear and I loved them. I have not been able to find anything that would stay put in my ears since that pair broke. (Years and years ago) I'm not sure why but every set of headphones I have ever tried alway fall out...especially while I'm running/jogging. 
I was pretty skeptical when I got this pair in the mail. I just knew that I would be fighting them the entire time I exercised - just like always. (Grumble grumble etc) Well - I was wrong folks! These soft medical grade silicone earphones stayed put the entire time. (No adjusting whatsoever was necessary) These were created specifically to fit smaller (female) ears. (Designed by Annie Karayiannis) Even though I was really fond of my old jelly pair, they still made irritating sores in my ears. These headphones from yurbuds performance fit line are so darn comfortable, it would be virtually impossible for them to create irritation! I will say - that since they are made of silicone, every little thing sticks to them. I spent several minutes trying to get bits of fuzz off them so I could take the photos. (No my ears are not full of fuzz) Who knows where it all came from lol. The sticky-ness is just a minor annoyance that I will totally overlook. :) This particular pair is available in aqua, pink, and purple. They have several neat features, including: twist lock technology, pause/play track control, microphone/smart phone ready), angled flex plug, durable 4 ft cord, allow ambient sounds, sweat and germ resistant, and they have premium sound quality! (Seriously - even Matt was impressed) They are on the pricey side, at least I feel like $60 is a lot of money. In this case - you are getting high end headphones that are worth every penny. If you are suddenly into running...even if nothing is chasing you...then these nifty headphones are for you. Happy running! :)

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Birchbox Un-boxing | August 2013

Another late post! Ugh - I'm working on it folks! You should see me right body is not used to all this new activity yet. I have compression socks and a back pain patch on lol. I feel/look like I'm 80 - Matt has gotten a good laugh out of it. Blogging from the sofa...oh yeah!

Full-size, $9.50

Full-size, $25.95

Full-size, $39

Set of 3, $24

Assorted Teas | Full-size, $7-$16

Personally, I feel like the Party Proof Lipstick is what saved this months box from being a total dud. I'm all about some matte lips. Plus, it's a great neutral shade! The packaging is absolutely adorable. 
The only other product that I find the least bit interesting is the Green Apple Peel. (What is up with all these facial peels?) I had one in my July box too. I definitely plan on using it though...Juice Beauty is a great brand. I may end up using the Fresh Feet Wipes. Every now and then a dirty-foot-related-catastrophe occurs in the Cherry home. (Dog poop etc lol) How was your Friday? I made cookies and took them to work. I think the guys really enjoyed them. :) Working at Mammoth has been a lot of fun so far - I love it. 

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

July | Empties (Late)

I'm so sorry this post is being published so late! I am still in the process of learning how to balance a full-time job, my family, and the blog - all at the same time. It's tricky y'all! I will say this...being a stay at home mama is a lot harder than being a working mama. (People never liked to give me credit, I did it for 4 years) Yes, it is physically tiring to work 40 hours a week and be taking care of kids at the same time. But - it is mentally and physically tiring to be a stay at home mama 24/7. (And sell things on eBay and Etsy/ship them) Especially when you have a wee-one with a bad case of Colic. I am not saying that I do not love my kids! I adore them with every fiber of my being! It is just nice to have one on one time with other adults for a change. :) Ok enough with that mini speech lol. Let's take a look at the products I used up. 

Awww how sad, I ran out of my favorite concealer again! But - thanks to the Spatty I got to use every last drop. (For the first time ever) This is my very favorite has unbeatable coverage. Right now I am using a different brand that I grabbed at Target on clearance. It barely covers at all and it just really makes me angry. 

Matt and I both love this stuff. You can read my review here. This scent is hard to find online. I did notice for the first time that they sell travel size cans of Batiste. I think I need to run on down to ULTA this weekend and see if they have some. :) 

Exactly 7 days ago today I got a monroe piercing. It is looking pretty fantastic thanks to the H2ocean line. I used this mouthwash and their H2ocean piercing after-care spray and it started healing immediately. This stuff doesn't taste too great - salty with a hint of mint lol. It's worth getting over the taste because it works so well. I highly recommend it for oral piercings or ulcers. Now that I am out of the mouthwash, I am just spraying the back of the jewelry with the after-care spray. I have not been able to find this locally and I am unwilling to pay shipping costs again. (So it looks like this won't be a re-purchase unless my new bling gets infected for some reason) I promise I will post some photos soon! 

My tin was purchased from Kroger, if I remember correctly - it was under $5 for 10 ounces. My favorite chai mix in the whole wide world is Big Train's raspberry chai! The only place I have been able to find it is at Fresh Market in Montgomery. (They used to sell it at The Coffee Bean) I always grab Pacific Chai as my doesn't really compare but it does the job. 

These are pretty much the only makeup remover wipes that I purchase. You just can't beat the price, three bucks for 20 wipes. They quickly remove eye makeup in a snap. Plus - they are very moisturizing. You can read my review on these babies here. I will definitely be repurchasing these. 

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Review | Bosom Couture's Boob Glue

Yes - you read correctly my friends. Boob glue. I'm going to stamp a big TMI on this post before I get started. So if you don't want to hear a lot of talk about the wonderful world of cleavage...then leave now lol. You have been warned!
All the flat chested people out there really irritate me - I'm so jealous. I adore the lace bralettes that are so popular right now, sadly I'm too "blessed" to wear them. -_o Lately I have been having the hardest time finding a bra that fits. (That doesn't cost over $60 - I'm looking at you Victoria!) I have searched for hours on end! Only to purchase a bra that I think is ok - oh! but it's not...I wear it for a couple hours and I start falling out of it. (Waste of money) Over the top spillage is so annoying! Until now...
I tried my Bosom Couture's Boob Glue as soon as I had it out of the box. (A gentle skin adhesive, formulated by a top chemist, designed specifically for the delicate breast area) Then I ran out of the bathroom and yelled "it's a miracle!" at my husband...he just nodded and laughed. I'm not falling out of my bras anymore! This calls for a choir, enjoy? Here is a page full of before and after "examples."
All I had to do was roll-on this gravity defying adhesive and adjust my bra. (Done!) I put some on before I went to work today and I didn't have to battle my bra once! (I was leaning over a sewing machine for 7 hours) It's just plain amazing and I'm so happy that I have a bottle to call my own. (Perspiration proof) I will probably never be without it again. I do have a few turn-offs that I want to note...and that would be the "glue residue" that it leaves in my bra and the initial not so pleasant scent. It's nothing that the washing machine can't handle. As for the just smells like a glue stick to me. (It doesn't linger - I just wish it smelled like vanilla or something?) I do think these two concerns were worth mentioning. :) The packaging however, is gorgeous! I have it sitting out on one of my Daher tins in our bathroom. It's just so nice that I had to display it. (No shame here!) 
----------> Here is the FAQ page for Boob Glue <----------
To Apply: With bra on remove one "lady" at a time. Liberally apply Boob Glue to breast avoiding the nipple area. Arrange breast in the desired position in the bra. Press firmly in place for 1 minute. Repeat on opposite side. (Amazing results) I plan on using Boob Glue for everyday support. 
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Monday, August 12, 2013


Man oh man guys, I am incredibly tired. I started my new job today at Mammoth Printshop today. Who knew that sewing tags on shirts all day could make you this tired? Or could it possibly be because I barely slept last night? I was so nervous - I just tossed and turned all night. (I'm such a weenie) 
I have so many fun products that I am going to review this week! You guys are going to absolutely love them! But tonight (since I'm in my zombie form) I'm just going to post a good old fashion NOTD.

I'm not a huge fan of green nail lacquers, but I do enjoy this one. :) I can't wait to bust it out this Fall. (Come on Pumpkin Spice Lattes and cooler temperatures!) Fall is my favorite time of year and Halloween is probably my favorite holiday. The older I get...the more I adore it. Who doesn't love an excuse to dress up and have adult beverages? (Back to the polish!)'s a lovely hunter green without too much glitter. I think a ton of glitter in a green or teal lacquer somehow cheapens it. This one has just the right amount and it's only really noticeable in bright light. I used two coats in the photo above. How was your Monday?  

Would you like to see my previous NOTD featuring a Butter London Polish?
-----> Click here <-----

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday Pinterest Project

I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to do a post yesterday. My back tooth is trying to abscess again! (Ugh curse this mouth of mine) Anybody know of a good dentist in the Auburn/Opelika area? I've been in a great deal of pain over the past 24 hours. I'm sure it doesn't help that I got a monroe piercing last week either. 0_- Ouch. So - my mouth is very angry at me right now. No blogging when you are in bed with an ice pack on your face lol. I did get to go to Urgent Care yesterday and I got some special mouthwash and antibiotics. I just hope they kick in soon! Moving on to the Pinterest project I'm working on today!
I was playing on Pinterest last night (more like 1:30 am) when I found this adorable wedding idea. I'm obviously already married but I thought the idea was really cute and that it would work as normal bathroom decor. :)

Well...I decided to take this idea turn it into a collage (to save money on frames) and throw in a snazzy ampersand! We purchased a frame at Wal-mart for around $12. We are currently renovating our bathroom. Eventually the walls are going to be a nice powder blue shade. Not lilac vomit lol...
Matt loved how this project turned out, what do you think? :) This whole project (print and frame) ended up costing me around $15 or so...not bad!

Are you working on any craft projects this weekend?

One last thing! (Just for giggles) I have entered Miss Miri Mouse in a "Beautiful Baby Contest." It would be so amazing it you could click the link below and vote for her photo! 
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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Review | Derma E's "Very Clear" Line & Scar Gel

Folks - as of late my face has gone absolutely crazy. Blame it on what you will! (Hormones, Biotin, excessive amounts of Starbucks hot chocolate etc.) I was whining about all of this face business to Derma E and they kindly decided to step in and help me fix my face! 
You can read my previous Derma E review 
----------> Here <----------
Before I jump right into listing off the products and why I'm so in love with them...let me just say that my face has been really bad. I have been suffering from terrible face-scarring acne. I have 4 acne scars on my face that are (just now) gradually fading with the use of the scar cream that Derma E sent me. I have only been using this line for a couple of weeks and I finally have my acne under control. (Thank Jeebus - it's a miracle!) I still have a couple little bumps on my forehead and on my chin but it's nothing serious. It's totally manageable! :) My face hasn't looked this good since I was pregnant with Miri. (She will be 7 months on the 18th of this month) 

This stuff really impressed me. I'm currently using it on the acne scars I mentioned above, oven burns on both hands, scar tissue build-up on my right shoulder (it's been biopsied), my recent tattoo cover-up on my right forearm, and my c-section scar. It's working wonders on everything - especially the new tattoo. It's the same tattoo that I mentioned in my previous Derma E review. All of the raised up lines on the rose have gone down and it finally seems happy. 

This is by far my favorite product in the "Very Clear" line. It has tackled my breakout issues and it smells fantastic. I'm obsessed with the way it smells! (Very much a Tea Tree scent!) It contains Tea Tree, Willow Bark, Rosewood, Lavender  and Camomile. All of these ingredients make up a natural antiseptic and antibacterial formula that leaves skin looking amazing. It creates a slight cooling sensation on the face that I have really enjoyed and doesn't leave my skin feeling tight.

Moisturizers normally frighten me just a bit. 0_0 I have a very oily forehead and sometimes these kinds of products make it much much worse. I have had zero issues with this cream making my face more oily or creating extra breakouts. It smells similar to the cleanser but not as heavy on the Tea Tree. (Although, it contains the same anti-blemish complex of natural ingredients in the cleanser) It's formulated to balance your complexion and your skin's oil producing capabilities. I find it's easiest to apply by dotting small amounts all over my face and then gently patting it in. It is non-greasy so it doesn't just slide right on. Which in my case is a positive thing. 

I think all of Derma E's packaging is lovely - but this one is my favorite. Don't ask me why...but I think it's just the little silver band that is located on the cap. (Go ahead and laugh at me) It just looks so darn fancy-pants! Again - this product contains the same 5 natural key ingredients. I think this one smells more similar to the cleanser than the moisturizer does. It annihilates blemishes - folks. I use this spot treatment in the morning and at night. I noticed a lot less redness/irritation within 30 minutes of applying it. (It's amazing! I mean who likes giant red splotches anyways?)  It makes really angry blemishes look significantly less angry. It kinda has a tiny foaming action that goes on when you are rubbing it in. This can cause it to leave small white streaks - so I normally have to go back and smooth the rest in. (Not complaining) 

My face is looking supafly again! Thanks Derma E! :D
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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review | Kidecals - Keycals "Pretty Roses"

Up until a couple of days ago I had this terrible keyboard cover that I purchased off Amazon on my laptop. It was only $9.99 and it came with a pop on blue hard shell cover for the computer - so I shouldn't complain too much. (See here) The "free" keyboard cover was pretty darn tacky. Matt laughed at it when I first saw it. (Ugh...husbands) Craptastic Amazon purchase keys are now looking pretty darn spiffy thanks to sweet people over at Kidecals!
These little beauties are created for Mac (Apple) keyboards only - so I apologize if you have to miss out on these. (Super sad face just for you) The designs are printed on high quality removable vinyl. They are really gentle on your keys - easy to apply and easy to remove! (No messy glue leftover) 

I absolutely adore this vintage design - it blends nicely with my "high quality" blue hard shell cover lol.  There were so many keycals to choose from - check out all of the designs right here. I had a bit of a hard time picking out my favorite. The whole process of the beautification of my laptop only took about 15 minutes. I was kinda concerned that the little stickers would be hard to apply at first, but it was really a breeze. :) Once you get the hang of it - it takes no time at all! I have been tapping away on my Mac for over a week now and I have had no issues with the decals at all. (No peeling or fading) My only complaint is that the letters on the keys are a little every now and then I may or may not hit an incorrect key lol. ;)

Kidecals doesn't just sell Keycals - they also offer personalized water-proof, kid's name labels and decals. They pretty much stick to anything folks! If you have yourself a favor and go check out their entire line of products. :) I will definitely be ordering some stuff for Silas-man when he starts school. 

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----------> Special Offer! <----------
Just because you guys are so awesome - I have a special discount code to share with you today! It's good for 10% off at! These candles are the best kind of candles...ladies...they come with jewelry inside! One of my personal favorite scents is French Brulee! Unlike other "prize candle" type companies...these come with an appraisal code. So you can easily find out how much the jewelry inside your candle is worth! (Shazzamm!) Oh, and if it is your first time shopping with Prize Candle (all natural Soy candles/made in the USA btw) your candle will only be $19.99! Don't miss out!


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