Friday, August 23, 2013

Review | Taylor by Taylor Swift Eau de Parfum Spray

Every now and then I feel so passionate about something that it requires me to go on a lengthy blog rant. I'm going to apologize for this one in advance. You best ready thyself!
----------> Begin rant <----------
Matt came home from work with a terrible headache today. Unfortunately - Miri decided that tonight was the infant night of screams. (Sounds like a bad M. Night Shyamalan movie) Literally...she would just sit in her bouncy seat and scream like a banshee. (Then she would purse her lips and glare/repeat) We have a professional diva on our hands folks. So - I decided that I would give Matt some relief and take Miri shopping with me. Miri and I love to go on mother/daughter shopping adventures. (We have loads of fun) I was on the hunt for roller clips for my hair...and hot chocolate...maybe lol. 
Our first stop was an unsuccessful trip to Wal-mart. We ended up finding what we were looking for at Sally's Beauty Supply instead. (5 mins till close) The cashier was actually really rude to me. :( I apologized to her for being in the store so near closing time. (I went right to what I needed and went straight to the register...probably 35 seconds of total shopping) She then snarkily said to me "Oh it's no problem! If you had been in any closer to 8...well...I probably wouldn't have been so nice." I just stared at her. I ended up hastily purchasing my clips and leaving. (Opelika location) At least they had my clips?
Crappy Sally's visit aside...Miri and I then travelled over to ULTA. We grabbed a couple items and were about to leave when I spotted Taylor Swift's new fragrance! 
Anything Miss Swift always catches my eye because my little sister India loves her. We have listened to her albums many a time in Wanda (Yolanda) the Honda. (Accord) lol So - Miri and I rolled over to see what this new fragrance was all about! (We are fans of the Wonderstruck fragrance btw) Firstly, the bottle is to die for. It may be one of my favorite bottles ever. It's a large vase-like clear glass bottle with a smaller bottle inside that holds the liquid. (It makes it magically appear that you are getting quite a lot of product when you really aren't) The top of the bottle is flat with multi-colored swirls with pearls and a fanciful cap. It's just the bees knees. At first sniff I "thought" I really enjoyed it. Similar to Wonderstruck - it had a very sweet scent. (Luscious fruits, blushing florals, and soft woods blah blah blah) Initially I was sad...I thought "hey, I like this and I'm poor and can't afford it." Even a crappy roller ball "Taylor" was $20. -_- (Don't get me started on fragrance prices y'all) I then decided to spritz it on myself...right when this stuff made contact with my skin I knew I had made a terrible mistake that only a shower could remedy. The best way I can describe this perfume after it sat on my skin for about 30 mins is a bubblegum scent?...with a hint of cheap hairspray. (It's shocking/sad I know!) It actually smells like something I would buy Miri in the kiddie perfume section at Wal-mart. I mean...Love's Baby Soft cologne is better by leaps and bounds. (I've always loved that stuff, sniff sniff mmm...childhood) I immediately called up my sister to tell her the disappointing news. We also had a nice laugh over the name. Original Miss Swift...real original. 
Please go to your local perfume counter and give this stuff a good test. Let me know how you feel about it. I know I'm rarely ever this mean in a review but I just found "Taylor" by Taylor Swift simply revolting. There...I said it. 
Happy Saturday y'all hahaha!

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