Sunday, March 31, 2013

Silas Sunday

Daddy snapped this photo of Silas during his Easter egg hunt today. His outfit was $21.80 with tax from JCPenney. :) I hate that you can't see the shorts. They were a cute plaid print.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

OOTD | Miri

I thought that these kinds of posts might be fun. :) Here is Miri's outfit of the day! The brand of her little onesie and skirt is Disney baby, in the size 3 months.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Review | L'Oreal Colour Caresse Aqua Lip Lacquer

Man, what a long name for a lip product! I first heard about this "lip lacquer" from the adorable essiebutton on YouTube/Blogger. If I recall correctly, her review was short and I have not heard much about it since then. (She seemed impressed) I am aware that so far all of my posts have been positive...well here is a negative one for the books.

After Estée mentioned it I began frantically searching for it. I couldn't find it anywhere! I searched all my usual beauty stops and came up empty handed. I ended up resorting to, free shipping if you use your Redcard. ;) It was $7.99, which I was willing to pay, obviously. (This must have been right after it was released.) The first thing I noticed was the smell. Not a fan! It's not foul or anything, I just don't care for it. It is pretty strong and stays with you for most of the day. Secondly, it feels slime-ish. (Is that a word lol?) I guess that is where the "aqua" in the name comes into play. I went for fuchsia shade, which is appropriately named "Infinite Fuchsia." (#187) I purchased this shade because I'm a red lipstick whore. (There...I said it.)

Lips, lips, lips!

The first time I wore it out was on a lunch date with my friend Joy. Having played around with the lacquer before I worried my entire meal that I had blotchy zombie lips. After a little while on the lips is starts to disappear from the outside in and it keeps it's weird slime gloss in the center. Not attractive, ladies. I fought the urge to pull out my compact the entire meal and finally caved at the end. I think I rather deal with the flaking that normal stains have after long wear. The color payoff is also disappointing, though it looks lovely in the packaging. Lastly, the applicator is great for the lower lip but proves bulky and hard to deal with on the upper lip. Why did you fail me L'Oreal? (Shakes fist) I'm sure you will have plenty of chances to make it up to me in the near future.

Curse you L'Oreal!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Birchbox Unboxing | March 2013

March 2013 Birchbox
Just a little late. ;)
I recently decided that I would go back to Birchbox. I originally started out with their beauty boxes and then changed over to ipsy and now I'm back again (for good). ipsy lacks in the high end beauty products department. Plus their website/customer service sucks, but enough about ipsy. On to the unboxing!

Full-size, $39.95
Full-size, $18
Full-size, $18
Full-size, $29-50
Full-size, $36
Full-size, $5

The stinkin' adorable coffee mug was purchased from the Starbucks inside my local Target today for around $4 after taxes. :)

I'm particularly excited about the SAGE + fasten perfume. MY GOD IT SMELLS DIVINE. 

FYI: My lack of posts recently is sadly due to the passing of my grandmother-in-law. It has been a devastatingly hard blow to our family. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

My makeup Friday | Late

I thought this kind of a entry would be fun. I meant to publish it on Friday (hence the title) but the past couple of days have been very hectic. What do you think about
"My makeup" posts? :)

Concealer: NYX HD photogenic concealer in the shade light
Powder: Laura Geller balance -n- brighten in the shade regular/Rimmel London stay matte in the shade 0011 creamy natural
Blush: Milani baked blush in the shade 09 red vino
Highlighter: e.l.f. shimmering facial whip
Contour: e.l.f contouring blush and bronzer
Eyebrows: Milani brow tint pen in shade 02 dark brown/Maybelline New York define-a-brow in shade dark brown
Eyeliner: Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil in shade zero
Liquid eyeliner: NYC liquid eyeliner in shade 888 pearlized black
Mascara: Voluminous false fiber lashes
Eyeshadow: Maybelline color tattoo in shade 25 bad to the bronze
Lipstick: Rimmel lasting finish by Kate lipstick in the shade 10

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Review | Maybelline Color Tattoo

Last year I bought two of these eyeshadows after my sister bought a grey/silver shade. I was really unimpressed with the product and gave them both to my mom. (I doubt she has even tried them) They were sticky and hard to smooth, they kinda just smudged around the container if you know what I mean. (Gross)
Okay folks, either I'm going crazy or they have changed the formula. I am absolutely lovin' this eyeshadow! (If i'm correct) Along with formula change, they have also changed the packaging a bit. I remember my other shadows being a bit more glass heavy, this one seems to have more plastic to glass ratio. It's so easy to blend and last all day, no creasing. I have tried it with and without a primer and i'm happy with it's wearability either way. 
I'm so tempted to dash to Ulta and grab all the other colors. Lately I've been only using my Urban Decay Naked palette, so this is a happy change. Every girl needs some variety in her life right? I love that this shadow is so no fuss. Being a mama of two, some days it's just nice to slap on this cream shadow and go. It looks really lovely on and I couldn't be happier with it. :)
Maybelline Color Tattoo 25 Bad to the Bronze (Around $6)
If you have any information about a possible formula change please let me know. Did this only happen in the US? Or did it happen in the UK as well?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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Review | Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist

I received this Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist in my ipsy March glam bag. At first glance I thought it was very similar to one of my favorite products by LUSH (Eau Roma Water.) After properly testing it (I accidentally sprayed my husband in the eye first) I realized it is quite different. 
This product has a certain "zing" that the Eau Roma Water doesn't have. No wonder my husband screamed "my eyeball!" I'm only going to assume that it's the citric acid that I just found in the ingredients. (Haha) I personally like it, but I can imagine that it wouldn't be a sensation for everybody. 
The sleek packaging caught my attention when I opened my glam bag (it's all frosted and stuff.) It also didn't hurt that it said "organic." Who doesn't love organic stuff nowadays? I think this spray would be great after a nice workout. For the time being it will be my morning spray, while my Eau Roma Water will be my night spray. I'm not sure about purchasing a full size spray, it's $22 for a 6.75 oz bottle. (Ouch) I would however consider putting it on a Christmas or birthday list. The Juice Beauty website claims that it tones, hydrates, and refreshes...I would tend to agree. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hello | A Beauty Blog

Welcome to my blog! My name is Cherry. :) I really wanted to start a YouTube channel but due to me having a new baby it just didn't seem like a feasible idea. (I have a 3 year old boy and a 8 week old girl.) Who wants to watch videos with a screaming baby with colic in the background? I know I do. So blogging it is. (For now.)
I became interested in blogging over the past year or so. Being pregnant and feeling hideous gave me a new passion for all things beauty. I felt and really looked miserable, so I painted on a gorgeous face. Let me tell you what's entertaining while your stuck in front if the television watching Dinosaur Train with your three year videos on YouTube. So after watching and getting hooked on several vlogs and blogs, I've decided that I want to do beauty reviews. I mean...hell...I buy so many products as it is so why not?
So yay for me. I'm really excited about this new journey. Every mama needs a hobby right? So please check back soon and I will post my first review.