Thursday, August 22, 2013

Life Update & Small Amazon Haul

Things have been pretty rough lately. Miri has decided that she isn't going to sleep through the night. (dun-dun-dun) So - I've been getting up several times a night to pop a pacifier back in her mouth...eventually to no avail. :( You can add in the random bottles here and there too. I think we are going to have to break down and purchase a swing. (A nice one that has a pretty high weight limit) My mom has this ---->one<---- that she uses at her house. Miri adores it, but I just don't think we can spend $135.22 on a stinkin' swing. Miri just sleeps away while at my parent's apartment in Auburn. (Grrr) Mom watches the kids during the day, so I can't steal her swing. I just texted my cousin to see if she has one she will sell me. If not - I'm going to start scouring Craigslist and Facebook yard-sale groups. Something has gotta give! On a more positive note...I have declared every Friday to be "baked goods Friday" at work. (I need a more clever name lol) So for tomorrow...I have made a large assortment of cookies. (Vegan everything, peanut butter chocolate chip, and sugar cookies) I like to bake and it gives me something to look forward to preparing each week. Work is still going fantastic...although it gets pretty hot in there. (I will survive!) Tonight I'm going to post a small Amazon haul. I have a lot of cleaning to do around the house...and I definitely need a shower! (Treadmill too?) How has your week been? :) 
This is technically the second American Apparel hoodie that I have gotten this week lol. (Along with a couple t-shirts) I picked up a regular style purple hoodie from work earlier today. Oh the soft-ness! I have become quite the t-shirt/hoodie snob since I started working at Mammoth Printshop. (haha) I think I could curl up and sleep on a pile of American Apparel stuff. It's exciting to start adding Fall items to my wardrobe! I'm gearing up for some cooler temperatures y'all! Now only if they would go ahead and get here...
For the longest time I have been using a Kool-Kase (similar to this one) on my iPhone 4 that I purchased off eBay. It's all glittery and I really really love it. Sadly/lately it has been pushing all kinds of random buttons when I'm on the phone. For some reason the Kool-Kase is now covering part of the sensor on my phone. I finally got ticked off and decided that "this will just not do" and I purchased this case. I'm a sucker for anything galaxy print. Now that I mention it - I think I'm actually going to wear a galaxy bandeau and a tank to work tomorrow. Bam.

Go ahead and snicker! I have to do a good bit of repetitive physical activity at work. (As fun as this may be) It has lead me to be in a great deal of pain for the majority of each day. I have a terrible neck and back that give me grief constantly. :( A couple of days ago I realized that my neck/shoulder hurt less when I held myself up straight. I thought that this support belt might make me feel better. At this point - I'm willing to try anything. I ended up at the Chiropractor today and I have an appointment scheduled for Monday as well. Here's to no pain! :) Cross your fingers for me! I will do a review for you guys on this device if it works. 

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