Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review | Kidecals - Keycals "Pretty Roses"

Up until a couple of days ago I had this terrible keyboard cover that I purchased off Amazon on my laptop. It was only $9.99 and it came with a pop on blue hard shell cover for the computer - so I shouldn't complain too much. (See here) The "free" keyboard cover was pretty darn tacky. Matt laughed at it when I first saw it. (Ugh...husbands) Craptastic Amazon purchase keys are now looking pretty darn spiffy thanks to sweet people over at Kidecals!
These little beauties are created for Mac (Apple) keyboards only - so I apologize if you have to miss out on these. (Super sad face just for you) The designs are printed on high quality removable vinyl. They are really gentle on your keys - easy to apply and easy to remove! (No messy glue leftover) 

I absolutely adore this vintage design - it blends nicely with my "high quality" blue hard shell cover lol.  There were so many keycals to choose from - check out all of the designs right here. I had a bit of a hard time picking out my favorite. The whole process of the beautification of my laptop only took about 15 minutes. I was kinda concerned that the little stickers would be hard to apply at first, but it was really a breeze. :) Once you get the hang of it - it takes no time at all! I have been tapping away on my Mac for over a week now and I have had no issues with the decals at all. (No peeling or fading) My only complaint is that the letters on the keys are a little every now and then I may or may not hit an incorrect key lol. ;)

Kidecals doesn't just sell Keycals - they also offer personalized water-proof, kid's name labels and decals. They pretty much stick to anything folks! If you have yourself a favor and go check out their entire line of products. :) I will definitely be ordering some stuff for Silas-man when he starts school. 

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