Sunday, April 7, 2013

Review | Schwarzkopf got2b Oil-Licious Golden Shimmer Conditioner

I figured I would start my post with my Silas Sunday photo. :) I took this yesterday with my new Canon PowerShot A4000 camera. So far I'm pretty pleased with it. Now, on to the review!

I'm always drawn to got2b products, they always have such fun packaging. The price is never bad either. Here is my most recent purchase.

When I first spied these at Wal-mart, I almost bought the conditioner as well as the shampoo. I'm really glad I didn't. After years of damaging my really damaging it lol...(My friends and family could tell you some stories) I consider myself a bit of a conditioner connoisseur. (Conditioner snob maybe?) Like I said before A+ on the packaging, I also enjoy the smell. It claims to have "Triple Oils of argan, white grape seed and marula." It sounds great, because I'm a huge fan of argan oil. I gave this product several chances to impress me but it just didn't happen. I even tried varying amounts every time I would shower. :( It isn't very creamy and proved really hard to apply, even with my shower comb. It didn't make my hair softer, it just made it feel disgusting. (Sad times) It just left my hair looking dull and unclean. I didn't notice any "improved shine" that it claims to provide. I plan on giving it to my sister later today. Even thought she will probably hate it too lol. (She has really long Taylor Swift hair, I'm super jealous) Plus, let the photo below speak for itself. 
See it? When you see it you read it like Dory from Finding Nemo, even though it isn't spelled correctly lol. My husband did the exact same thing as I did when he saw it. Escape'! This spelling error just adds to my disappointment with the product. [le sigh]

Before I go I have to mention a eyeshadow that I purchased a couple of days ago. (This one is positive!) This is going to be short and sweet because I already did a full review for another shade. (Here) This one is #30 Pomegranate Punk from the Maybelline Color Tattoo line. 

See, I wasn't lying when I said I wanted to go grab all the other colors. I purchased this shade from CVS and the Emerald shade off eBay. I will post pictures when that one arrives in the mail. 

Isn't it lovely? I can't get enough of these! :) 
I hope the rest of your weekend is fabulous! We are headed to a Mad Men party tonight. Photos later!


  1. LOL!!! I did the same thing when I saw this cool looking bottle of wonderful sounding shampoo, only I was a sucker and got the conditioner. It is gross, doesn't leave my hair feeling soft at all and now I need to buy more conditioner today.

  2. It really left me very disappointed. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Such a fancy bottle though. ;)

  3. Today I washed my hair with this shampoo, and hours later, I still feel the soft light hair and my curls look is beautiful. Today I do not use the conditioner (I do not like the smell), but when I did, I felt the soft hair. It became easier the application of shampoo and I wash my hair with ease.

    Possibly your type of hair it is not compatible with the ingredients of this product. If you have fine hair, greasy scalp or thinning hair, this is not for you.

    1. I definitely wouldn't say that my hair is is actually quite the opposite. Maybe I got a bad batch? Everybody's hair is different. :) I'm glad it worked out for you.