Friday, May 31, 2013

From Oranges To Apples | Not Pasty

Get ready for a link-apalooza folks! Ready?! Please do me a favor and go check out the site Not Pasty. You won't be sorry, it's a super fabulous website that is all about sun-safety. I was very excited to have my story featured on their site. :) You can read that particular story (HERE) You can find their facebook page (HERE) Their twitter account is located right over (HERE) Oh, and for good can "Like" my facebook page (HERE) I hope everybody is having a lovely Friday. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review | LUSH Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

LADIES & GENTLEMEN...I got to go to a LUSH store. Oh snap, right?! I was in Raleigh - North Carolina visiting my cousin and his lovely girlfriend when I just happened upon the only LUSH store in the state. :) I should be embarrassed at how excited I got, but I'm shame shame. I decided to walk up to the first associate I saw and ask for the fanciest bath bomb they sold. (There were so many I couldn't begin to choose.) This is what the nice lady sold me, a "Dragon's Egg" scented bath bomb.
Photo credit Lush Cosmetics
For those of you who don't know, Alabama has zero LUSH locations. Sad times...I know. So I proceeded to go crazy when I found one. I never get to enjoy their products because I refuse to pay shipping. (Ugh, shipping.) The nice associate at the store did hint that they should be opening a store in my area soon though, so heck yeah to that. 

Oh, look at this...I decided to make some fancy collages at the bath bomb in action.
I know you are impressed. ;)
This particular bath bomb is described in the LUSH TIMES as "a citrus bath bomb with a pop of fire." The example photo of the fizzy-goodness appears to be more teal in color. I wish mine had been more on the green side. When the lady was describing it to me she said "it creates a bit of foam on the top, turns green and yellow, and has glitter in the center." Glitter? Yes please. My bomb foamed, turned orange-ish, and had glitter in the center. This bath bomb was a happy time for me after an all around rough day. I highly recommend it. :)

I hope everybody has a nice week. 
I leave you with one of the photos from our trip. Chairs in the trees? Why all this seriousness? 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Review | Batiste Dry Shampoo

Believe it or not people, my first time trying this particular dry shampoo was just last week. I know! I'm totally behind on the times. Most beauty bloggers are no stranger to Batiste. Just search for it on YouTube to see the amount of rave reviews it has. Well, I'm about to add another one to the mix. 

I currently have about 2-3 different kinds of dry shampoo in my bathroom. When I get home from North Carolina I'm throwing them all away lol. The link above takes you to a page where you can find all the locations that sell Batiste. My can is the "Floral & Flirty Blush" scent. When I run out of this bottle I will probably grab a more gender neutral can from Ulta, only because this stuff is so great that my husband is freaking out over it too lol! 

Something I would definitely like to note is the cooling sensation that I experienced when I first sprayed it. I have not used another dry shampoo that does this. It feels fantastic, especially after I exercise and I need to fix my hair. Batiste delivers everything you want in a dry shampoo and more. You can literally watch the grease disappear after you spray it. I just cannot get over how it trumps everything else I have used. Do me a favor folks - go out and buy a can right now. It's $7.99 a can at Ulta, and worth every penny! It has been the perfect addition to our trip this weekend. I mean sometimes you just want to be a lazy hippie and not wash your hair! :P

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Review | Eylure Naturalites (Natural Volume)

Behold! The second false lash review, as promised! :)

I mentioned in my last post that I was a little afraid of the "diy adhesive" lashes. This pair turned out to be surprisingly easy to apply! I actually applied them faster. (Go me!) They are a little lengthier than the Katy Perry ones, but still right up my alley.

As far as comfort goes, I probably prefer the first pair I wore. These weren't too bad though. As the day wore on, my eyes seemed to feel a little itchy. Maybe I have a slight allergy to the adhesive? Whatever, beauty is worth it. ;) I had lovely lashes all day and that is enough for me lol. In their defense, I did run around and get quite hot.
 It was a nice change for the glue to be included in the box, (allergies or not) so many brands do not include it. (Way to go Eylure!) I'm definitely hanging on to the lashes and the glue so I can use them a second time. I was worried that they might try to fall off at some point during the day, I didn't have any problems at all though. (Impressive) So this glue is some good stuff folks! 

What do you think? Do you prefer the Katy Perry or the Naturalites? I highly recommend both! A girl could definitely get use to having eyelashes that look this fabulous. I love walking around and batting my eyes like Marilyn. :P

I hope you enjoyed this little review. :) I'm actually blogging from North Carolina right now. My husband and I ended up bumming a ride with my cousin Stephen. (Just for the weekend) Please make sure you "Like" my facebook page (HERE) so you can keep up with all of my posts! 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Review | Katy Perry Lashes by Eylure

This review is the first of two false lash reviews I will be posting this week. Both sets are by the brand Eylure. Naturally, since I am a bumbling idiot when it comes to applying false lashes...I grabbed the self-adhesive pair first. I think applying false lashes is a skill that develops over time. So I'm sure there is hope for me yet. ;)
Oh so cute packaging ^^ I love the retro feel.
From what I can tell, each box is different. (Visit the link above and you will see what I mean) That makes re-purchasing them so much easier. For example, when I go to Ulta next time I will just grab the "orange" box. :)

These lashes were fantastically quick and easy to apply. I'm so use to dealing with messy glue. When I initially examined the lashes I was worried that they weren't natural looking enough for me. I was really wrong. Once I applied them they blended right in with my real lashes and didn't look "fake" at all. They were super lightweight and comfortable too. :)

See how natural and fantastic they look? ^^ I'm very pleased with them. Did I mention they are reusable? (They also include a second glue strip)

I applied a little bit of black liquid eyeliner in the inside corner of my eye to hide the glue line. If you have mad skills in lash application this step probably won't be necessary. 

Lastly, a nice side view. :) I really do recommend this line of Eylure lashes. Color me very impressed folks! (Go buy yourself a pair!) Also, more stores than just Ulta sell them. I just happened to use Ulta's link. 

I hope everybody is having a great Thursday! 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

OOTD | Vintage On A Budget

Since recently losing (almost all) of my baby weight, I've gotten obsessed with vintage clothes again. I'm thinking I may start only buying vintage actually. I just love everything about it, especially the price! The photo below is my outfit of the day for Tuesday.
Now - I know that this outfit isn't everybody's cup of tea, and I completely understand if you are uninterested in this post. Bottom line is that I like it and that is all that matters. The cool thing is that nobody in Target will be spotted wearing the same thing while I'm out shopping. ;) So how much does this total outfit cost? If you include my necklace...

Necklace - $4.20 (After the 30% off coupon) from Kohls
Blouse - $1.99 from Mission Thrift Store in Auburn, Alabama (it's very figure flattering)
Black skinny jeans - $3.00 Plato's Closet in Auburn, Alabama
= $9.19 people!

I took my hubby Matt on my thrift store visit this past Saturday. He hates thrifting but humors me when I express an interest in going. (Thanks love!) I had about 5 tops in my hand and we narrowed it down to 2. He didn't care much for either of the blouses I picked out but he knows how things go. He always hates what I buy and then I put it on and he says "wow, that's do you do it?" So, I win! ;) If you are ever in the area, Mission Thrift Store has great prices. Most of the tops I was browsing through were only $1.99 each. Plato's Closet is also a great place to find deals. It's weird because so many people I know have never been. It's pretty much the nicest thrift store you could ever go to. So go check it out - they have locations all over the place. You will end up spending a good bit more at Plato's though. 
I hope your having a nice Wednesday! :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Eyebrow Products Worth Taking A Look At

I'm cursed with something my sister and I refer to as "The Powell Eyebrows." This is a very depressing condition. Symptoms include - thin and widespread brows. See old photo below, (and marvel at the cuteness that is my sister's dog Prada.)
Awww right?!

Thankfully, I've learned to fill in my brows quite successfully. (See current photo below) Please keep in mind i'm in a transitional period with my brows right now. I'm actually applying Rogaine twice a day, so i'm not getting them waxed regularly. Yes, you can use it on your brows and yes it is working. 

Bam! Suddenly I have eyebrows. ;) I thought I would share some of the products that I reach for on a daily basis. I personally feel like I cannot walk out the door till I have my brows on. Defined brows are essential! Let's talk about the products...

I'm going to go in order from top to bottom.

Maybelline New York DEFINE-A-BROW in the shade dark brown.
I actually found this roll-up pencil at the Dollar Store believe it or not. You can also find it at Target for $5.99, and honestly I would pay that price when I run out. I have been reaching for this pencil alot lately, and I used it to create my look that I am talking about today. 

Sonia Kashuk Core Tools Spoolie Brush $1.99 at Target I picked this brush up last week. I use it to comb through my brows after I apply the pencil I mentioned above. Plus - I really like the word spoolie. Spoolie spoolie spoolie spoolie. :P

Wet N Wild Mega Eyes defining marker $3.99 at Walgreens. I purchased this marker to see if it could be used as a dupe for the marker I'm going to talk about next. It's several dollars less and it kinda does the job. It's essentially the same thing - the shade just isn't quite right. It comes out a little too red/purple toned for me. I do like it though...and it looks nice used in combination with some of these other products. 

MILANI BROW TINT PEN FELT-TIP BROW COLOR $6.29 at Walgreens. This has been my favorite brow product for about a year now. I love it, I'm on my second one. The end result is a little bit more natural than the pencil. It comes in two shades, this one is 02 Dark Brown. My sister bought the lighter shade after being impressed with my pen. (She is a blonde) I highly recommend it, I do find it much better than the Wet N Wild marker...but get what you pay for in most cases. ;)

Monday, May 20, 2013

YouTube Favorites

Back when I first got pregnant with Miri I decided to lay around and watch YouTube a whole lot lol. Morning sickness (aka all day sickness) is pure hell. This is is how my whole vlog/blog obsession began. Who knew it would inspire me to start this amazing hobby! :) I just wanted to share a list of my favorite girls on YouTube with you guys today. They are all such lovely and talented people. Please go check out their channels and subscribe.


Oh, by the way - Miri turned 4 months old on this past saturday! :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Kohls Haul | LC Lauren Conrad & Princess Vera Wang

Wednesday night I got bored and decided to go stroll through the sale section at Kohls. I totally hit the jackpot! Check out this amazing LC Lauren Conrad dress! (Please excuse the bad photos - my hubby took them lol.) I just had to share my deal. My receipt says I saved a total of $59.00!

LC Lauren Conrad dress - $24.00 (Clearance)

I went to the dressing room and tried the dress on and it fit like a glove. Love at first sight I tell you. :) I don't know much about Lauren Conrad besides the fact that her clothing line is amazing. She has this book too. Every piece is very much my style. Another thing I would like to mention about Kohls is their fabulous coupons they mail out. I happened to have a 30% off coupon with me on this trip. (Sassy snap)

The second item I picked up is this funky Princess Vera Wang necklace. It's not just a deer necklace - it's a deer wearing pink earrings necklace. 

It's more expensive online. 
Photo taken from
This line of Vera Wang jewelry is super fun and funky. When I was checking out the cashier said "oh, this is unique." That comment could be either good or bad lol. Whatever! I like it and that's all that matters. I think this trip to Kohls was very successful! :) 

My grand total was $30.00, and then my coupon took off $9.00. After tax my grand total ended up being $22.89. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review | e.l.f Essential Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick

I was perusing around Target the other night as I normally do, when I spotted this fancy little eyeshadow stick. For only $2 who could say no? 
Photo taken from the e.l.f website. 

I really love e.l.f cosmetics. Everything they sell is pretty much $3 and below. If you buy something and it totally sucks - whatever! Throw it away and don't make that mistake again. The eyeshadow that I picked up (pictured above) was only $2. I figured it was worth the risk. 

My main concern with this shadow was the wearability. The back of the packaging suggested that you use eyelid primer. I took this as a really bad sign. I imagined HORRIBLE creasing by 5:00 in the afternoon. After wearing it for a full day I was pleasantly surprised. (I did use Urban Decay primer before I applied it.)

I'm not going to lie to you. I'm not a fan of the texture. It leaves your eyelids feeling very sticky. This probably is due to the vitamin e that it contains. Other than that, I think that it has a pretty good bang for the buck. The stick created a nice smokey eye that would be ideal for day or night. (Even though you may need a bit of a touch-up at some point.) Hell, keep one in your purse and one in your makeup bag at will cost you all of $4. Whoopie-doodle. I expected to slap it on like the Maybelline color tattoo shadows - but it takes a little bit more effort to apply than those do. 

If you are interested in looking at all of the e.l.f products check out your local Target or Wal-mart. I was very pleased recently to find out that Wal-mart was selling e.l.f cosmetics. Their section seemed to be larger and better stocked than my local Target's. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Birchbox Unboxing | May 2013

Before I get started with the unboxing business, I would like to take a moment to ask you to "Like" my Facebook page (HERE) Thanks! ;)
It's Birchbox time y'all! :) 

I really like this month's box. I was pretty intrigued by every product inside, which is a rarity. 

Full-size, $32

Full-size, $19 each

Set of 4 mini pencils, $21

Full-size, $20

When I opened the box yesterday the first thing I noticed was the strong blueberry scent (the shave cream.) I'm pretty excited about trying that out. Secondly, I noticed the DevaCurl 3-Step System. I used to have super curly hair. After I had both of my kids it has gone almost straight, how weird is that? So i'm interested in seeing if this can kick up some good curl-age. (If it actually works I plan on buying all three of these products) This box also came with a PureWhite hybrid ink pen (not listed on the little Birchbox card inside the box.) It's pretty nifty and the ink matches the pretty teal color on the pen. (It also included a $1 off coupon for the pen) I did get a chance to play around with the eyeliner yesterday too. It may be the best eyeliner that is currently in my makeup drawer. :)

Would you like to subscribe to Birchbox? You can do so right (HERE)

Monday, May 13, 2013

My Current Hair Care Routine

Hola everyone! Today I'm going to be talking about my current hair care routine. (Hence the title) If you are a close acquaintance of mine you know all about my hair drama. It's been several years since my hair was this length. (See current photo below) Why, you ask? Because I can never leave it the hell alone.
My poor locks have been through it all. The most recent trauma was a hair melting perm last July. (Don't get a perm at the Ulta in Opelika, AL...or just don't get a perm at all.) My hair stylist friend Mallory was pretty unhappy with me about that. After all the disaster induced pixie cuts - I have finally learned my lesson, and I'm growing it out. (For reals this time) My hair recovery journey started off with pretty expensive brands. Firstly, I went with the Redken Extreme line. (Shampoo, conditioner, Etreme CAT, and Extreme Anti-Snap.) I was a pretty big fan of all the Redken stuff for a few months. Secondly, I moved to Pureology. The price was a initially a big turn-off for me at $27 for a 8.5 oz bottle. We are talking about $54 for shampoo and conditioner. (Ugh) I used the Pureology Essential Repair shampoo and conditioner till I ran out. Pureology has so many different ranges available, check it out. On to my current products - get ready for a huge drop in price lol. 
I'm positive that both of these products are cheaper at Wal-mart or Target, so check there first. Isn't it funny how when you have healthy hair you can use a cheap shampoo? Suave is usually a curse word when it comes to caring for my hair. Anytime I have tried it the end result has been super dry hair. Not this time! I picked up a trial bottle of this shampoo at Wal-mart a couple of weeks ago. My husband and I both actually like it. :) It makes my hair so soft and super manageable. So first I shampoo with the Suave and then I move on to conditioner. I've been using this product off and on for years now. Lately, I've only been coating the ends of my hair. (Just to avoid the greasy look) I let it sit on my hair while I shave/exfoliate/etc then I rinse. It smells fantastic and the australian aloe and jojoba oil in the ingredients really work their magic. After I get out of the shower I wrap my hair in a Turbie Towel. I read in a magazine somewhere that rubbing your wet hair with a regular towel is horrible for it. After it has been up in the wrap for a while I take it off and I go through my hair with a Tangle Teezer. Don't even get me started on the Tangle Teezer, everybody knows how fantastic they are. After I've completed all the steps above - I use this really old hairdryer-roll-brush-thing and I'm done. :) 

So there you have it, my current hair care routine. Before I go - here are some snapshots of Miri from our beach trip this past weekend. 
I hope everybody has a great week! I will have another post up soon. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

April | Empties

Hello! I'm so sorry it's been awhile since I made a new post. I took a break and had a family weekend. :) On to the empties!

I purchased my bottle at Wal-mart for around the same price. The above link takes you to Vitacost. I picked up this liquid vitamin after I noticed my hair falling out. Over the past couple of weeks the amount of hair in the shower and in the sink has been getting worse. Everybody I talk to says that it is completely normal after you have a baby. This is all fine and well...but it's freaking me out. This bottle is a definite re-purchase. I am using this in conjunction with prenatal vitamins and Rogaine. (I started using the Rogaine yesterday.) The fact that this product is endorsed by the Kardashian family was initially a big turn off. After reading all the positive amazon reviews, I decided Kardashian or not I was buying it. I think it is definitely making a difference. Hopefully the hair loss is going to slow down soon. (Yes, I have had my thyroid's fine.) I'm taking a tablespoon in the morning and a tablespoon at night. It has a sour grape taste that many people complain about but I like it. :)

My grandmother "JuJu" gave me this. (The price above reflects a 10 fl oz size, mine was a 3 fl oz.) I believe she got it from some sort of QVC beauty box deal. I really do like it but I don't think I will purchase another one. The price is a little high for me and I'm not "in love" with the product. Honestly, my favorite thing about this conditioner is the packaging. Brilliant. I ended up using every drop. I wish more companies would use bags like this. The conditioner has a very herbal smell that I found pretty nice. I contains french plum oil, which sounds all luxurious and stuff. It made my hair nice and soft. 

This is by far the best concealer that I have ever tried. I love everything about it. It has amazing coverage. I usually just swipe this on and throw some powder over my entire face and run out the door. No foundation necessary! It's great during the summer, I find it nice to not have so many layers caked on my face. You can find this little beauty at Ulta. :)

This cleanser was fantastic during my pregnancy. It's Equate's equivalent of Proactiv. I had the most amazing complexion. "Had" is the key word folks. I have no idea why - but this stuff is like pouring acid on my face if I use it now. So I won't be running to Wal-mart to pick up another bottle. (Sigh) So I do recommend it and I don't lol. Maybe it will work do you? This was my second bottle, so obviously I liked it. 

This stuff is "meh." It does the job ok, but I won't be picking up another bottle. The mascara I raved about recently is really difficult to remove. So I think I will need to find something a little stronger. You can find this at your local Target. 

Very clever Lee Stafford, I applaud your marketing. I ordered this treatment from this past October. (Only because it's always sold out in the store.) It smells amazing, just like Thierry Mugler Angel actually. The smell is really the only thing it has going for it. I didn't notice any kind of miraculous hair growth. I'm pretty certain it's just a gimmick. I've read and watched a bunch of reviews on it and I think most people feel the same way about it. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Etsy | Haul

For those of you who don't already know this, Etsy is my weakness. I adore it. Nothing makes me happier than grabbing a mug of hot chocolate and sitting on the sofa and browsing through endless pages of vintage items. This is a small-ish haul. I've been trying to save money lately. :P
Total price - $17
This hat was one of the first ones I found. It pretty much has everything I was looking for in a hat. But - I totally clicked through 200 pages before I decided to hit the "Buy" button. Please go check out Rudy & Riley. She has some really cute vintage items. I'm particularly fond of this vintage photograph of a pretty lady she has listed. 

Total price - $15
Is this not adorable? It's only the cutest hipster vest I've ever seen. I can't wait till it comes in the mail. I got a "shipped" notification earlier today. ;) It is perfectly for layering with solid t-shirts. Hey...I bet my sandals I posted about yesterday will go great with this! Winning. Please go check out Frais Vintage. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's a thrift haul y'all | Harvest Thrift Super Center

Thrifting is one of my favorite past times. I used to go constantly but 2 babies has slowed me down just a bit. But - I'm starting to get back into the swing of things. Here is my find from Harvest Thrift Super Center in Opelika, Alabama.

Purple shoes by Kalli $0.99 - I've never heard of that brand but I really don't care. This style of shoe is my very favorite. I thought they would be a cute pop of color with jeans and a black or grey t-shirt.
Brown hippie sandals by Bamboo $1.99 - I absolutely adore these. They did have these horribly ugly tassels on them, but I snipped them off and melted the tips to prevent fraying when I got home. We have a family beach trip coming up and I thought these would be the perfect addition to my suitcase.
Naked shoulder bag $1.99 - I recently bought a whole bunch of new exercise gear and I needed a cute bag to put it in. ;) I'm about to start the "Couch to 5K" app tonight, (I'm a little scared) My husband and I are planning on entering the Color Vibe 5K that is during the month of November in Montgomery. Plus, who doesn't need a bag that says Naked on it in huge letters? Yes...I am aware they make great juice. 

What did you think about today's post? Should I do these more often? :) I hope your having a great week!