Silas & Miri

This page is dedicated to my babies, which my blog is obviously/lovingly named after. ;)
Let's Tarantino-it and go back...

When I was 13 - I met my future hubby in English class at Baldwin Jr. High. Though sparks flew - we both needed a couple of years to mature. (12 and 13 was so young!) We re-connected a few years later in high school, at the ages of 15 and 16. Many shenanigans (<---One of our 1st "real" dates was being extras together in the movie Big Fish) later - we were engaged at only 17 and 18 years old. (Crazy right?) On July the 30th of 2005 I married a music man in a little country church in Grady, Alabama. (Insert cows and such.) 

After many adventures, including a move to Winter Park, FL...back to Montgomery, AL...back to Winter Park, FL...then finally to Auburn, AL...we decided settled down. When we first moved to Auburn my hubby landed a good AU job. (War damn eagle btw.) When this happened we lived in a small shabby one bedroom apartment near campus. A little after Christmas (January 2009 to be more exact) We found out we were pregnant with our first child. Around March-ish of 09 we bought our first home just outside of Auburn in Opelika, AL. (It's literally right down the road from our old place pretty much.) On the day of the ultrasound for our gender reveal, we found out it was a boy.  I was a bit disappointed...I wanted him to be a girl so badly. I eventually got over it though lol. (At least I'm being honest!) 

He arrived via c-section on September the 8th 2009. (He was breech) Right before my doctor held him up for me to see - I heard a nurse say "he has red hair!"I was so drugged up I personally didn't care at the time lol. Today, I cannot run a single errand without somebody commenting on his hair. My recovery from this first c-section was very rough. But! I have an adorable/kind little red-headed boy with dimples to show for it, so I suppose it was worth it. ;)
(Awww right?!)

I'm going to fast-forward a bit here to May 2012. For several months we had been discussing adding a another baby to our little family. We so desperately wanted a little girl! We just knew that Silas would make a fantastic big brother. :) our amazement we found out we were (quickly) pregnant with baby #2 in June 2012! 16 or so weeks later we drove to Columbus, Georgia. We had ourselves a good old secret ultrasound. (Just - Mama, Daddy, & Silas) It was a girl!!! How did we actually get what we wanted? I still don't know. I remember being in shock for weeks lol.
I thought I needed to share the greatest Halloween costume of all time. (6 months pregnant with Miri)

On January the 18th of 2013 - little Miri LeAnn joined our family. (Nope, she is not a red-head.) The second c-section went spectacularly!
More updates coming to this section soon...

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