Friday, August 2, 2013

It's a thrift haul y'all | Goodwill ~ Opelika, AL

'Twas a bountiful visit to my local Goodwill. I've been car-less all week so Matt watched the Miri mouse so I could get out for awhile. (I may or may not have been going cray) I ended up finding a brand new umbrella stroller for $15.91 while I was there - it's one of the fancy ones that her car seat will clip into. (Score!) I believe we will take it to the Montgomery Zoo with us on our next trip. :) I will take lots of photos!

Gap Shirt $1.99 - I couldn't pass this one up. The polka dots are more subtle in person, the flash really brought them out in this photo. It was in the t-shirt section and I paid full price. It probably should have been in the $2.99 section. 

Vintage skirt $1.99 - This skirt makes me smile. I adore the bright colors, and it reminds me of Summer. It had a green tag, so it was 50% off. Regular price - $3.99 Check out that cute little pocket!

Daytrip Vest $1.49 - This was such an unusual piece! It's a vest-thing - but it has a weird sheer polyester cape? Don't ask questions...I paid full price. :)

Forever 21 Top $2.99 - I think this top will be really flattering, it gathers at the waist. This is the most expensive piece that I bought during this visit. (Not including the stroller) 

My grand total (including the new stroller) after tax:


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  1. Ooh! You did good girl. I really love the Forever 21 top! I swear, i think forever 21 does something to make sure people buy stuff there. I need to go thrift store shopping super soon!
    I love your header by the way!

    Now following your blog.
    xo sarah

  2. Thanks! I was pretty pleased with this haul. I hope to do this kind of post a little more often. :)