Saturday, August 17, 2013

Birchbox Un-boxing | August 2013

Another late post! Ugh - I'm working on it folks! You should see me right body is not used to all this new activity yet. I have compression socks and a back pain patch on lol. I feel/look like I'm 80 - Matt has gotten a good laugh out of it. Blogging from the sofa...oh yeah!

Full-size, $9.50

Full-size, $25.95

Full-size, $39

Set of 3, $24

Assorted Teas | Full-size, $7-$16

Personally, I feel like the Party Proof Lipstick is what saved this months box from being a total dud. I'm all about some matte lips. Plus, it's a great neutral shade! The packaging is absolutely adorable. 
The only other product that I find the least bit interesting is the Green Apple Peel. (What is up with all these facial peels?) I had one in my July box too. I definitely plan on using it though...Juice Beauty is a great brand. I may end up using the Fresh Feet Wipes. Every now and then a dirty-foot-related-catastrophe occurs in the Cherry home. (Dog poop etc lol) How was your Friday? I made cookies and took them to work. I think the guys really enjoyed them. :) Working at Mammoth has been a lot of fun so far - I love it. 

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