Monday, August 19, 2013

Review | yurbuds Sport Earphones

Something must be in the water. Everybody - and their cousin is somewhere running a 5k nowadays. (Including me) Up until now I have had zero interest in running - now my brain is all...must run! I think everybody is having an quarter life crisis lol. Matt and I have already done one 5k this year. (The Tomato Run 5k @ Earth Fare in Montgomery) We are running "The Color Vibe" 5k in November next. (Heck - Matt is actually running on the treadmill as I type haha) Why am I blabbing about running? Because I have a fancy new set of sport headphones that I want to brag about. ;) That's why.
When I was about 16 I had a pair of green neon jelly headphones that would not fall out of my ears. They wrapped around the back of my ear and I loved them. I have not been able to find anything that would stay put in my ears since that pair broke. (Years and years ago) I'm not sure why but every set of headphones I have ever tried alway fall out...especially while I'm running/jogging. 
I was pretty skeptical when I got this pair in the mail. I just knew that I would be fighting them the entire time I exercised - just like always. (Grumble grumble etc) Well - I was wrong folks! These soft medical grade silicone earphones stayed put the entire time. (No adjusting whatsoever was necessary) These were created specifically to fit smaller (female) ears. (Designed by Annie Karayiannis) Even though I was really fond of my old jelly pair, they still made irritating sores in my ears. These headphones from yurbuds performance fit line are so darn comfortable, it would be virtually impossible for them to create irritation! I will say - that since they are made of silicone, every little thing sticks to them. I spent several minutes trying to get bits of fuzz off them so I could take the photos. (No my ears are not full of fuzz) Who knows where it all came from lol. The sticky-ness is just a minor annoyance that I will totally overlook. :) This particular pair is available in aqua, pink, and purple. They have several neat features, including: twist lock technology, pause/play track control, microphone/smart phone ready), angled flex plug, durable 4 ft cord, allow ambient sounds, sweat and germ resistant, and they have premium sound quality! (Seriously - even Matt was impressed) They are on the pricey side, at least I feel like $60 is a lot of money. In this case - you are getting high end headphones that are worth every penny. If you are suddenly into running...even if nothing is chasing you...then these nifty headphones are for you. Happy running! :)

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