Thursday, August 8, 2013

Review | Derma E's "Very Clear" Line & Scar Gel

Folks - as of late my face has gone absolutely crazy. Blame it on what you will! (Hormones, Biotin, excessive amounts of Starbucks hot chocolate etc.) I was whining about all of this face business to Derma E and they kindly decided to step in and help me fix my face! 
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Before I jump right into listing off the products and why I'm so in love with them...let me just say that my face has been really bad. I have been suffering from terrible face-scarring acne. I have 4 acne scars on my face that are (just now) gradually fading with the use of the scar cream that Derma E sent me. I have only been using this line for a couple of weeks and I finally have my acne under control. (Thank Jeebus - it's a miracle!) I still have a couple little bumps on my forehead and on my chin but it's nothing serious. It's totally manageable! :) My face hasn't looked this good since I was pregnant with Miri. (She will be 7 months on the 18th of this month) 

This stuff really impressed me. I'm currently using it on the acne scars I mentioned above, oven burns on both hands, scar tissue build-up on my right shoulder (it's been biopsied), my recent tattoo cover-up on my right forearm, and my c-section scar. It's working wonders on everything - especially the new tattoo. It's the same tattoo that I mentioned in my previous Derma E review. All of the raised up lines on the rose have gone down and it finally seems happy. 

This is by far my favorite product in the "Very Clear" line. It has tackled my breakout issues and it smells fantastic. I'm obsessed with the way it smells! (Very much a Tea Tree scent!) It contains Tea Tree, Willow Bark, Rosewood, Lavender  and Camomile. All of these ingredients make up a natural antiseptic and antibacterial formula that leaves skin looking amazing. It creates a slight cooling sensation on the face that I have really enjoyed and doesn't leave my skin feeling tight.

Moisturizers normally frighten me just a bit. 0_0 I have a very oily forehead and sometimes these kinds of products make it much much worse. I have had zero issues with this cream making my face more oily or creating extra breakouts. It smells similar to the cleanser but not as heavy on the Tea Tree. (Although, it contains the same anti-blemish complex of natural ingredients in the cleanser) It's formulated to balance your complexion and your skin's oil producing capabilities. I find it's easiest to apply by dotting small amounts all over my face and then gently patting it in. It is non-greasy so it doesn't just slide right on. Which in my case is a positive thing. 

I think all of Derma E's packaging is lovely - but this one is my favorite. Don't ask me why...but I think it's just the little silver band that is located on the cap. (Go ahead and laugh at me) It just looks so darn fancy-pants! Again - this product contains the same 5 natural key ingredients. I think this one smells more similar to the cleanser than the moisturizer does. It annihilates blemishes - folks. I use this spot treatment in the morning and at night. I noticed a lot less redness/irritation within 30 minutes of applying it. (It's amazing! I mean who likes giant red splotches anyways?)  It makes really angry blemishes look significantly less angry. It kinda has a tiny foaming action that goes on when you are rubbing it in. This can cause it to leave small white streaks - so I normally have to go back and smooth the rest in. (Not complaining) 

My face is looking supafly again! Thanks Derma E! :D
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