Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday Pinterest Project

I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to do a post yesterday. My back tooth is trying to abscess again! (Ugh curse this mouth of mine) Anybody know of a good dentist in the Auburn/Opelika area? I've been in a great deal of pain over the past 24 hours. I'm sure it doesn't help that I got a monroe piercing last week either. 0_- Ouch. So - my mouth is very angry at me right now. No blogging when you are in bed with an ice pack on your face lol. I did get to go to Urgent Care yesterday and I got some special mouthwash and antibiotics. I just hope they kick in soon! Moving on to the Pinterest project I'm working on today!
I was playing on Pinterest last night (more like 1:30 am) when I found this adorable wedding idea. I'm obviously already married but I thought the idea was really cute and that it would work as normal bathroom decor. :)

Well...I decided to take this idea turn it into a collage (to save money on frames) and throw in a snazzy ampersand! We purchased a frame at Wal-mart for around $12. We are currently renovating our bathroom. Eventually the walls are going to be a nice powder blue shade. Not lilac vomit lol...
Matt loved how this project turned out, what do you think? :) This whole project (print and frame) ended up costing me around $15 or so...not bad!

Are you working on any craft projects this weekend?

One last thing! (Just for giggles) I have entered Miss Miri Mouse in a "Beautiful Baby Contest." It would be so amazing it you could click the link below and vote for her photo! 
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  1. This is way too cute! I love how you made it into one frame instead of using two! Your kids and your blog are too cute!