Thursday, August 15, 2013

July | Empties (Late)

I'm so sorry this post is being published so late! I am still in the process of learning how to balance a full-time job, my family, and the blog - all at the same time. It's tricky y'all! I will say this...being a stay at home mama is a lot harder than being a working mama. (People never liked to give me credit, I did it for 4 years) Yes, it is physically tiring to work 40 hours a week and be taking care of kids at the same time. But - it is mentally and physically tiring to be a stay at home mama 24/7. (And sell things on eBay and Etsy/ship them) Especially when you have a wee-one with a bad case of Colic. I am not saying that I do not love my kids! I adore them with every fiber of my being! It is just nice to have one on one time with other adults for a change. :) Ok enough with that mini speech lol. Let's take a look at the products I used up. 

Awww how sad, I ran out of my favorite concealer again! But - thanks to the Spatty I got to use every last drop. (For the first time ever) This is my very favorite has unbeatable coverage. Right now I am using a different brand that I grabbed at Target on clearance. It barely covers at all and it just really makes me angry. 

Matt and I both love this stuff. You can read my review here. This scent is hard to find online. I did notice for the first time that they sell travel size cans of Batiste. I think I need to run on down to ULTA this weekend and see if they have some. :) 

Exactly 7 days ago today I got a monroe piercing. It is looking pretty fantastic thanks to the H2ocean line. I used this mouthwash and their H2ocean piercing after-care spray and it started healing immediately. This stuff doesn't taste too great - salty with a hint of mint lol. It's worth getting over the taste because it works so well. I highly recommend it for oral piercings or ulcers. Now that I am out of the mouthwash, I am just spraying the back of the jewelry with the after-care spray. I have not been able to find this locally and I am unwilling to pay shipping costs again. (So it looks like this won't be a re-purchase unless my new bling gets infected for some reason) I promise I will post some photos soon! 

My tin was purchased from Kroger, if I remember correctly - it was under $5 for 10 ounces. My favorite chai mix in the whole wide world is Big Train's raspberry chai! The only place I have been able to find it is at Fresh Market in Montgomery. (They used to sell it at The Coffee Bean) I always grab Pacific Chai as my doesn't really compare but it does the job. 

These are pretty much the only makeup remover wipes that I purchase. You just can't beat the price, three bucks for 20 wipes. They quickly remove eye makeup in a snap. Plus - they are very moisturizing. You can read my review on these babies here. I will definitely be repurchasing these. 

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