Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review | LUSH Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

LADIES & GENTLEMEN...I got to go to a LUSH store. Oh snap, right?! I was in Raleigh - North Carolina visiting my cousin and his lovely girlfriend when I just happened upon the only LUSH store in the state. :) I should be embarrassed at how excited I got, but I'm shame shame. I decided to walk up to the first associate I saw and ask for the fanciest bath bomb they sold. (There were so many I couldn't begin to choose.) This is what the nice lady sold me, a "Dragon's Egg" scented bath bomb.
Photo credit Lush Cosmetics
For those of you who don't know, Alabama has zero LUSH locations. Sad times...I know. So I proceeded to go crazy when I found one. I never get to enjoy their products because I refuse to pay shipping. (Ugh, shipping.) The nice associate at the store did hint that they should be opening a store in my area soon though, so heck yeah to that. 

Oh, look at this...I decided to make some fancy collages at the bath bomb in action.
I know you are impressed. ;)
This particular bath bomb is described in the LUSH TIMES as "a citrus bath bomb with a pop of fire." The example photo of the fizzy-goodness appears to be more teal in color. I wish mine had been more on the green side. When the lady was describing it to me she said "it creates a bit of foam on the top, turns green and yellow, and has glitter in the center." Glitter? Yes please. My bomb foamed, turned orange-ish, and had glitter in the center. This bath bomb was a happy time for me after an all around rough day. I highly recommend it. :)

I hope everybody has a nice week. 
I leave you with one of the photos from our trip. Chairs in the trees? Why all this seriousness? 


  1. Dude, I have a friend (online friend) who is a traveling training liaison for LUSH. She goes all over the place doing LUSH things.

  2. That would be my dream job. Amazing.