Friday, June 21, 2013

Scented Candles & Meet Bumper!

We have been trying to sell our house for a couple months now. It's a 2 bedroom, and obviously we need a 3 bedroom. ;) Miri needs a place to put all of her amazing girly things. Well - we finally had a lady come look at it. (She came on Wednesday) Before she arrived I ran to Target to search for a nice candle to burn in the house. The problem I've been having is that I cannot find a scent I like because I'm so in love with "Illume's Red Cedar Candle." I featured it on my June's Lust-worthy Items post. I actually got this little candle for free from Birchbox last year. I instantly fell in love, it is my favorite scent of all time! (If only they made perfume!) Well, on the Illume website it is $10 for 2.5 shipping. I was really depressed about this because I have not been able to find it in stores so I could avoid shipping costs...until now! 

Would you consider this a dupe? Hmmm...
Target now carries a range of candles that is called Bella by Illume. (Praise Jebus) I only paid $10.79 and it's much larger than the monogram candle! (10.2 oz) The scent is identical, except this one is called "Mandarin Woods." I nearly did a little jig on the candle isle inside Target. ;) Do yourself a favor and go buy this candle today, if somehow you manage to hate it...give it to me! (LOL) It smells of red cedar infused with essential oils of mandarin, vetiver, vanilla, tobaccos leaves, and cedar-wood. Moving right along...

I know you guys are probably thinking "who the heck is Bumper?" Let me introduce him!
Silas finally got old enough to ask for a pet. He really wanted a pet lizard for a while there. Reptiles are pretty, special lights, habitats etc. Plus - some of them carry salmonella...and that just makes me a little nervous. (I used to work at Petco, no I'm not scared of them.) They don't tend to be very cuddly either lol. 
Well - I finally decided that a bunny would be a good match for us! On Tuesday, Silas and I drove to Lanett AL to purchase this little floppy eared guy. (I found him on Craigslist) I'm sure you can tell that Silas picked the name haha. He is really sweet and Silas and I are having nice bonding time each day while playing with the rabbit. Bumper is currently living inside Harley's small dog crate, but his cage just arrived via FedEx from Amazon. (I will post pictures of it later.) 
How precious is this? (Ignore the bedhead and no pants) We were letting Bumper hop around and play for a bit. Silas was lovin' it! I think he is such a handsome rabbit, and he has a very good temperament. 

Bumper now owns the bathroom, can you tell? :) Ignore the messy floor...Georgie walks litter everywhere. I have to vacuum it every other day. I hope you guys are having an awesome Friday

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  1. We used to have bunnies and they are so cute!
    Our bunnies were always wild though only because we would recuse them from either a dogs mouth or our kids playing soccer in a field. We would keep them for a few weeks and then let them go free in the brush.

    1. Wild bunnies unfortunately always stay wild. I had a friend who rescued one from a cat one time and if it ever got loose in the house we were searching for it for a while lol. We plan on working with this bunny daily so he will be very friendly. :)

  2. I almost squealed hearing you talk about Mandarin Woods. I too fell in love with the scent and hope to recreate the scent for my homemade soy candles. If it ever goes on sale I'm going to buy them all up!