Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review | Balmbini Volume 2 Palette

This past week I decided to treat myself and buy a couple palettes. I found this one by theBalm on ebay (brand new) for $10.99 including shipping. Huzzah! We travel to Montgomery most weekends to hang out with family. I'm forever lugging this huge/heavy bag of makeup to and fro, so I thought some palettes would lighten the load. :) Right off the bat my favorite shade was "Manic Maribel." It's pretty similar to "Half Baked" from the Naked palette. Which just so happens to be one of my favorite shadows ever. (I'm such a creature of habit.) 
"Promiscuous Pearl" is such a lovely highlighter, and I may attempt to bring back the 80s with "Open To Offers Olwen." ;) I wish I could insert Mom's senior portrait here. (Hehe) She would murder me.

I was wearing the nude lip gloss in these two shots, I don't think it looks so hot.
Small-ish rant: theBalm's website is always on the fritz, it really annoys me. -_0 I mean come on...

I didn't wet the shadows for this particular look, I think next time I will. (I prefer bold eyes) Overall - I'm pretty happy with this deal, you can't beat theBalm for $11. Most of their palettes are normally around $40, and they always have amazing packaging. I think I need to splurge on the "Mary Lou Manizer" next, it has such a cute name! Verdict? One happy mama. :) Have any suggestions for other palettes I should try? 

Note: I'm going to try to work on my lighting situation soon. :)
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