Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Today was not only Father's Day, it was also my brother's 23rd birthday! Super fun times I tell you...
Yes...Matt finally got the "Gandalf Arrives" Lego set he has been whining about forever lol.  I had to order it online because I couldn't find it anywhere. We also had a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy towel specially made for him. (Nerds unite) He also got two tanks from Target, and some Ninja Turtle boxers. (Silas called them rescue turtles lol.) Please note that my husband is a total goofball and never smiles normally for a camera haha. 

Check out the awesome Batman that my sister India made for our Dad! I'm super impressed...are you super impressed? I also made him a portrait of the kids (see closer photo below) and my brother got him some super cool books. I love you Dad!

The background is made entirely of dots. Will I ever make that mistake again? Absolutely not! If you are interested in one of my portraits, you can order one HERE.

Ugh, 23 years old...where does the time go? He is going to be training to be a fireman soon, I'm very proud of him. 


We had a great Father's Day weekend, what about you? :) Before I go - I should mention that I will have a Birchbox post up soon! 
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