Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Birchbox Un-boxing | June 2013

Gasp you should folks. This year just seems to be flying by.
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Sorry for the dark photo, what was I thinking? Oh well...
I'm not going to lie - this month's box made me a little sad. Maybe it's because it included another curly hair product. I used to have curly hair, so I should probably shuffle on over to the Birchbox site and edit my profile. So maybe that's my fault? Moving right along...

Full-size, $8

Full-size, $14

Full-size, $85-$115

Full-size, $15

Full-size, $36

Lifestyle Extra
Full-size, $5

I was probably most excited about the mineral powder. It claims to be this magical shine-zapping stuff that keeps your oil levels in check. My face has been very oily lately and I don't think this product has improved it at all. Maybe it will work for one of you guys? Do you have any shine control product suggestions for me? I'm willing to try anything! I want to be shine free for the entire day if possible.

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