Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review | Natural Deodorants

I know that there is a lot of conflicting information out there about aluminum being linked to Alzheimer's. I have a family history of the disease, so I rather be on the safe side. Do you know what really sucks? It's in almost every deodorant that you pick up. (Not to mention other nasty chemicals) Over the years I have tried several brands from various health food stores, and most have left me disappointed. Today I want to talk about two products that I have tested recently.
I picked up the "Naturally Fresh" brand first, it was conveniently located at Wal-mart. I will go ahead and say that I cannot recommend it. I found that I had to re-apply it several times throughout the day. It may just be me, but I felt like it made me sweat more? (Gross) That could just be due to the liquid nature of the product. If you want to save money, you can try this one...maybe you will have better luck?

On to my favorite. :) Years ago I found my first natural deodorant on Etsy, it was called "Stinky Hippie." (How very appropriate lol) To my dismay, the seller stopped making it. I was really upset because it worked wonders for my husband. (Sigh) So, I went searching for another brand...and I found PuurBody! If vegan soap, natural deodorant, and shea butter lip balm is what your looking for...look no further! To my knowledge, she has the best prices on Etsy. I paid $7.00 for my deodorant (The Mayor of Stinky Town) lol...and $2.15 for shipping. This tube has a very tea tree oil scent to it. I noticed that the smell gets pretty strong a couple of minutes after you apply it but then it fades a bit. I'm really impressed with it. I think next time I may purchase the "Nag Champa" scent. If you want to get rid of some excess chemicals in your life go visit PuurBody. Here are the ingredients listed on the back of the stick. (I love how fabulously short the list is.)
Ingredients: Caster oil, Candellila wax, Soy wax, Shea butter, hemp seed butter, kaolin clay, Arrowroot   powder, fragrance and/or essential oils. 

Also - look at my adorable niece (and Silas)! My brother and his fiance purchased an Old English Bulldog puppy this past weekend. Her name is Cricket and I already adore her. 

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  1. Awe! That picture is adorable! Brad and I definitely jinxed ourselves...Cricket is a little diva terror puppy! Hahaha!