Saturday, June 29, 2013


This is Karma! Her full name is "Cherry's Good Karma," clever right? ;) She was originally Matt's dog - but Silas kinda stole her. We thought she would be a good test subject for today's product. 
More mitts from La Fresh!'s a very smart design, my hubby was pretty fond of them. :) They make touching slobbery dog teeth not so icky. (Says Matt) Karma is only going to be 4 years old next month - so she didn't have much plaque to work with. She is also a chew bone enthusiast, so there's that.  BUT she is rocking some pretty nice breath right now - due to these mitts being peppermint scented. Matt and I both feel like these would make a more noticeable difference when used on an older dog. I know lots of people have to have their pet sedated to get his/her teeth cleaned. Maybe this is a safer option? If you aren't a fan of doggy toothpaste. It's obviously not going to be as deep of a clean, but it's better than nothing. :) These mitts are a nice plaque prevention device. 
See how easy these are to use? (Haha, that face) God bless her. These are definitely durable but gentle, and they are a universal fit. Matt has large man fingers and it still went right on lol.  Verdict? Fabulously convenient doggy dental care!

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