Sunday, June 23, 2013


It's another La Fresh mini review! (Applause) On Saturday my sister (India) and I put these Diva & Studs Eye Sparkle Finger Mitts to the test. She owns a little white chihuahua named Prada that was absolutely perfect for this review. :) Prada had pretty significant tear stains, and these little mitts claimed to lift away dark stains caused by tears. 
I would like to mention that these are a super cool idea, and that they may work for your dog. But sadly, they did not work on Prada. India scrubbed the stained area for several minutes and all it seemed to do was smear and make it appear larger. (Especially on the right eye) Prada was also terrified of the mitt once India had it on her finger, and we found this quite hilarious. ;) The mitts do smell really nice, it's a pleasant fruity scent. Maybe they would perform better on a less noticeable stain? I would definitely recommend them for basic eye gunk removal on your canine friend. We found the mitt very convenient. :)

$30 for 7.99 (Sale) Normally $9.99
(Safe and gentle)
All product images were taken straight from the La Fresh website.

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