Monday, July 1, 2013

Etsy Review | Mary's Apothecary

(Silas enjoyed the Cotton Candy Bubble Bar)
------> Mary's Apothecary <------

Check out all of those bubbles, and that happy bubble bath face. :) You know what is really great about this little shop? It is in Huntsville, Alabama! Gotta love a fellow crafty Alabamian! Mary was very sweet and sent us a nice box of handmade goodies for us to enjoy/review. (Thanks Mary!)

The Patriot Soap - $2.99/4oz 

I definitely want to start this review off with the Lavender Lemongrass Soap. Folks - our entire bathroom smells absolutely fantastic. It was my favorite product in the box by far. You cannot go wrong with this stuff. (Even Matt is crazy about it) It's only $2.99 for a 4 ounce bar! The Patriot Soap is also really nice, it's pretty to look at (red, white, and blue) and it has a "clean handsome man smell" if that makes any sense lol. I would like to add that it's not such a masculine scent that I don't want to use it. (I totally use it) She doesn't currently have this scent in her shop but I have contacted her to inquire when she will. :)
I know you guys have heard me rant about not living near a Lush store before. (I did finally get to visit one in North Carolina) I have bought their stuff online in the past but I always whine about the shipping costs. (What? I'm cheap!) Mary makes dupes of Lush's bubble bars, and her shipping is only $1.50! Lush charges $10.95 for a 7 ounce bar + shipping.
I took both the bubble bars and cut them into three sections, so I can get multiple uses out of each bar. :) The photo of Silas at the top of this review shows the amount of bubbles that I got out of one of these pieces. (Pretty impressive) Silas chose the Cotton Candy Bubble Bar, it smelled so yummy! It reminds me of the gum that I used to chew when I was little. (Cotton candy gum) All you have to do is turn on your bath water and crumble the bar under the running water. After Silas was finished with his bath and was in bed - I took my own bath with a section of Root Beer Bubble Bar. (So relaxing) I'm going to purchase some more from Mary's Apothecary as soon as I run out. 

How was your Monday? Ours was interesting, we have all caught a cold. I had to rush Silas to the doctor this morning, he had a fever of 103! Should be an interesting week... 

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  1. That's so awesome!!!
    I will have to order a bubble bar :)

    1. Please do! I promise you won't be disappointed. :)