Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Review | Hot Tools Salon Marcel Curling Iron & KQC Thermal Shine Spray

I'm going to be honest with you - this hair styling tool was very intimidating when I first took it out of the box. I found it pretty difficult to use. I really wanted to do this review using my own hair, but was too short! (That had a lot to do with my difficulty) So - I asked my sister India if she would help me out! (She was happy to)
(Hmmm, am I doing it right?)
My little sister just so happens to have super-long-gorgeous-Taylor-Swift-hair that was perfect for this Marcel curling iron. It took us several minutes (and a few YouTube videos) to get the hang of it. (Our grandmother also helped us out a bit) ^_^ Here is some helpful information about the's a very snazzy styling tool.

Pulse Technology - for gets hot...stays hot performance. Fast heat-up and instant heat recovery. Maintains constant, even heat while you style. (This thing gets hella-hot people, I recommend removing all children from the vicinity when it's in use)
24k Gold Styling Surface - Distributes heat evenly, produces perfect heat for beautiful, long-lasting, durable curls, and a smooth surface for frizz-free styling. 
Professional Features:
-Rheostat control with variable heat settings up to 430 degrees fahrenheit
-Power indicator light
-Locking/rotating main and Marcel handles 
-Separate on / off switch
-Foldaway safety stand
-8ft. professional cord
-One-year warranty!

YouTube is a very helpful resource when you are trying to learn how to correctly use a Marcel curling iron. (Or any hair styling tool for that matter) I'm going to link a video here to give you a better demonstration than we could provide. If you watch the video - it is probably pretty clear that mastering this tool is all in the hand technique. (Finger placement  -'s important!)

 India and I used a thermal shine spray by KQC when styling her hair. It is also available on the Flat Iron Experts website. :)
I highly recommend this spray, unlike other doesn't have that weird glue smell. It can be used with all of your favorite styling tools, and it's perfect for all hair types. The spray prevents infrared heat damage that results in those nasty split-ends. (Gasp! Nobody wants nasty split-ends!)
Isn't it lovely!? I cannot wait till my hair is longer so I can try out this Marcel curling iron. If you do decide to purchase one - please don't get frustrated! (I'm afraid that I've made it sound super scary) Eventually you will figure it out! :) It is basically like a traditional curling iron...just without the spring loaded mechanism. It also requires the user to keep a constant pressure on the handle when styling. The end result is beautiful - so I definitely think it's worth the extra effort. 

Are you interested in either of the products that I have mentioned today? Please go check out Flat Iron Experts for all of your styling tool needs.  They are very knowledgable and have great customer service. 

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