Friday, July 12, 2013

ChicoBag Review & Giveaway!

I discovered this nifty reusable bag company right before I got pregnant with Silas, and I have been a big fan ever since. I actually noticed a large basket of them for sale by the register at my local Earth Fare recently - go ChicoBag! :) This company has such a commitment to our environment and it makes me really happy to see their products catching on. Today I'm going to review their limited edition "Don't Feed the Bag Monster" bag, that is produced on their Original style bag. (I own a couple of these in different colors) I find that they are very handy for thrift shopping, I like to clip mine onto Miri's stroller. The best feature about the ChicoBags is the little integrated pouch that they stuff into. They are a perfect handbag size...or diaper bag size for that matter, so then you're never without it! They are also light-weight and very sturdy - I have not ripped one yet! (25 pound carrying capacity) This particular style comes with two convenient handles and a carabiner - so your bag can be clipped anywhere. (Keys, jeans, etc) I love they they are not bulky like most of the shopper bags you see in stores, and they come in so many fancy colors! (Go check them out) I believe I will carry my new ChicoBag down to the farmer's market this weekend. :) Have you never tried one of these?

Oh - I know you would. ;)

It's another giveaway y'all! If you entered my last contest then you know how this whole thang works. The contest runs for a total of 7 days, and then Rafflecopter randomly selects a winner. If you "like" my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter it increases your chance of winning. The lucky person selected will receive one "Don't Feed the Bag Monster" ChicoBag. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor. (Oh - I went there.)

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