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June | Empties + Thrifty eBay Finds

Well - we are two days into July so I thought I would go ahead and do my June empties post. :) July is a fun month for us! Matt's 26th birthday is on the 8th, and our 8th wedding anniversary is on the 30th! 
Bath & Body Works anti-bacterial gentle foaming hand soap "Fresh Picked Tangerines" & "Creamy Pumpkin." 
I'm going to group the first two items together because they are essentially the same thing. 
 Unfortunately - I couldn't find either products on the B&BW website. I know the pumpkin scent is a Fall product, and I found the tangerine scent but not that particular item. (Oh well) Here is their [list] of the different foaming hand soaps that they currently sell. We got the tangerine soap for Christmas from Matt's sister, it is definitely my favorite out of the two. Silas loved it too and used it all the time, this would be why we ran out lol. I normally love anything pumpkin scented, but "Creamy Pumpkin" left me disappointed. :/ (I usually go to B&BW only during the Fall)

Whish Shave Cream
Full size, $20 (Birchbox)
This shave cream was a big sad face for me. :( Now don't get me wrong, it smells fantastic (blueberry)...but that is about all this product has going for it. It has almost zero lather. I used the entire .75 fl oz tube because I wanted to give it a fighting chance - but I really cannot recommend it. I would link the product information from Birchbox.com, but it isn't even listed on the site anymore. Maybe other people felt the same way I did? Plus, the full size bottle is $20...this stuff isn't worth $5 in my opinion. 

I'm not exaggerating - this stuff smells of heavenly things. (Insert chorus of Angels here) It is the best body scrub I have tried thus far. Tree Hut also makes several other scents in this range: Coconut Lime, Original, Hawaiian Kukui, & Tropical Mango. I just can't bring myself to cheat on the Brazilian Nut scent though! They are also Paraben free and DMDM free. :) Try Wal-mart for a cheaper price.

This has literally been in our bathroom forever lol. Matt purchased it for me right around the time I found out I was pregnant with baby Miri. My skin did fair much better during this pregnancy, but I'm not sure if this had something to do with it or not. It is unscented but the "unscented scent" bothered me when I was pregnant haha. (So much nausea) It probably ended up getting used a lot more for new tattoos than it did on my belly. We found that is was good cream to apply during the healing process. (Shea Butter & Vitamin E) It's a little on the pricey side for what it is - so I probably won't be re-purchasing. (No more babies - no need for more belly butter, huzzah!) I'm not hating on Burt's Bees, it's a great company with quality products. 

International Delight Gourmet Coffee Creamer "CINNABON" Flavor
$4?/32 fl oz (Try Wal-mart)
I know - I know...random. I thought I should include this creamer because I actually ran out this morning. (Right before I started working on this post) I can't remember the exact price but I think it is around four dollars and some change. This is our 3rd bottle...can you tell i'm crazy about it? I will have to run to the store later today and grab some more. :) Try it! It taste just like the Cinnabon icing. (NOM NOM NOM)

I found this pencil on a random trip to the Dollar Store. (What a steal!) I absolutely loved it. I'm so sad to see it go! I looked for another one at CVS in Montgomery a couple weekends ago...but alas...nothing. I might just have to purchase one off eBay, gotta love online shopping. ;) You can find pretty much everything you need. 

MAKE Dual-Phase Eye Makeup Remover
Full size, $18
I got this in my March Birchbox. This product isn't listed on their site either. Unlike the brow pencil, no tears were shed when I ran out of this. I don't have much to say about it, I didn't think it was anything too special. I'm still searching for a good eye makeup remover, any suggestions?

I seriously might add this moisturizer to my Christmas list. I feel like it is worth every penny. Have you seen the recent studies about sunscreen slowing the aging of skin? I'm all about some SPF folks! COOLA has amazing products - so I'm not surprised that I adore this. The scent is faint/very natural.

Thrifty eBay Finds!
I thought it would be fun to share some of the deals that I get on eBay every now and then. Check out two of my recent finds...
$9.99 free shipping! Does Juicy Couture get any better than that? :)

$10.00 free shipping! These bras usually cost somewhere between $29.50-$34.50, so I'm pretty pleased with this purchase. I think I'm going to start only getting them from eBay. I just can't bring myself to spend the kind of money that is required to shop at Victoria's Secret. (Pssst...her secret is really high prices.) 

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