Thursday, July 18, 2013

Review | HIClips

I recently got to try HIClips and I thought it would be fun to share my experience with you guys. :) Prepare yourself for some ridiculous photos lol...
The general idea is that these clips natural lift your roots. (Blow drying or air-drying)
I didn't feel like dragging the kids out of the house today - so I had enough time to sit around and let my hair air-dry. On the pamphlet that was inside the box it shows the model with the clips placed in her bangs. I could not get my hair to cooperate for this exact method. I've been parting my hair (aka it's been parting itself) in the middle, so I tried clipping the hair on either side. (See above photo)
After I removed the clips, I ended up with this hot mess lol. The clips achieved the voluminous look that they promised alright! I think these things have a lot of potential if you play around with them. Next time I may use a blow dryer and try placing them differently. (The pamphlet says to add hairspray for added hold) I think these could really help thin hair appear not so limp. (I may lend them to my mom for her to try) 
Voila! My bangs are looking super-duper-fly. For what "HIClips" are - I personally think the price is a little steep. (I'm a bit cheap lol) BUT if you are in desperate need of some volume, and you don't won't to put harsh products on your hair - then these clips are for you my friend. 

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