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Hotel Review | Rite4us Inn & Suites - Smyrna, GA

Matt and I recently booked a hotel room at Rite4us Inn & Suites in Smyrna, GA. This particular hotel was located pretty close to many places that we wanted to visit (Atlanta) that weekend. (July 12th 2013) We had an interesting stay here, (lol - seriously interesting) so I thought it appropriate to do a blog review about it. 
Photo credit - (Standard Queen room)
Right when we first walked inside the building I had a bad feeling about my choice to stay this hotel. It had an interesting odor. (We were given two free Rite4us Inn & Suites t-shirts though?) I booked our stay through the website - $44.99 + 15% tax was the advertised price. listed one other place that was a bit cheaper but it didn't have continental breakfast, so Rite4us won. 
If you live in the South you are probably aware of how humid it can get around here. Let me just say that the humidity level inside this establishment is probably double what it is outside. (I kid you not son) All we can figure is that they turn off the air conditioners after you check out of your room - and that has somehow affected the moisture level in the building? (Can you imagine the mold?) When we walked into our room all I could do is laugh. The room was literally just a bed and a tiny bathroom! (The lights took 2-3 minutes to turn on in the bathroom) The floor showed signs of bad moisture damage and it was dewey...sticky even. (So gross to walk on without shoes) Our air conditioner was frozen up and it was probably about 89 degrees in the room. The large flatscreen television on the wall was the only positive note. (That and no bedbugs lol) We laid our bags down and sprawled out on the bed and began to watch Family Guy for a bit before I decided it best to ask Matt to go request a room with working air. 
The man at the desk was extremely apologetic when he heard about the humid room and the broken air conditioner and moved us to a room similar to this one...
5300 South Cobb Drive, Smyrna, GA 30080
Photo credit - (Queen Suite) 
The next room was considerably larger - but the air conditioner was still off. (This room is listed at $54.99 a night + 15% tax) Matt fiddled with it for a minute and had it blasting cool air within a few minutes. (Thank Jeebus!) So eventually, we got cooled off. The floors in this room were still slick with moisture and the ceiling had a few water spots here and there. It had the same large flatscreen television that the previous room had - so we resumed watching Adult Swim. The rest of the night was pretty peaceful, besides people coming home at all hours of the night and being a bit noisy. (Maybe even fiddling with our doorknob) I'm not sure why - but I didn't realize that this hotel was also an extended stay quite a few people actually lived there. 0_0 (Bless their hearts) I'm thinking everybody had been out enjoying adult beverages...
Matt set an alarm for 8:30 AM so we could enjoy some continental breakfast the next morning...that ended up being laughable! He went down to the front office to check it out and quickly returned only to tell me that they had a pathetic excuse for a breakfast set out. (Two containers of frosted flakes, and one mini bagel?) Matt ended up having a brilliant idea though! We went to IKEA and ate a fantastic breakfast for only $5.16! :)

The rest of our trip was actually very pleasant and we had a wonderful time. Lots of IKEA-goodness and various shopping malls. The trip was an overall success. Rite4us taught us a valuable lesson though - less is not always more...and the term "free continental breakfast" can be used very loosely. ;) I cannot recommend this hotel.

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