Friday, July 19, 2013

MLP:FiM Fangirl Ramblings & Review | Princess Cadance Toy

(Miri's first trip to the barn - she loved it & didn't want to leave!)
The apple has not fallen far from the tree folks! Miss Miri Mouse is just as obsessed with MLP as I was when I was little. Anytime she is crying - we just turn on "the ponys" and everything is suddenly right in the world lol. 
(Fizzy - Generation One)
Pretty much anybody that is female (or even sometimes male) and born in the 80s has been obsessed with MLP at one point or another in their lives. I never really stopped loving them. (Special case haha) I have a vintage Fizzy that sits on display in my bathroom - she was always my favorite pony. (I ended up having a Ferret named after her lol) I was completely unaware that Hasbro had reintroduced the franchise (for the 4th time/Generation 4) until after Miri arrived. When I first laid eyes on the show on Netflix, I was initially very irritated by it. (Who do these new ponies think they are? They don't have 80s hair - complaints hiss hiss etc.) We finally decided to give them a chance in the Cherry house, and we are all very happy that we did. I'm almost 27 years old and I will proudly say that I think it is a fantastic show. It's entertaining for both children and adults, and I find it to have very sophisticated writing and nuanced characters. So - if you have not heard of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic by must be living under a rock, because it is a huge success. (Point and laugh at me all you want) I will always have mad love for the ponys. :) No shame.
---------- Let's chat about the FiM toy line ----------
I'm not going to lie, the single packaged G4 pony toys have left me a little disappointed. I think the price is great ($4.99-ish) but they are tad too small in my opinion. But - then again I will always think G1 ponys are superior. ;)
(See G1 verses G4?)
I will say - that Hasbro has introduced some larger toys recently that I am pretty impressed/pleased with.

Miri and I are loving our new Princess Cadance! Yes, I am aware it is for ages 3 and up. (I always stay near while she is playing with it.) Silas asked me where Shining Armor was when I showed it to him lol. Cadance stands about 8.5 inches tall with a 7.5 inch wingspan. She comes with a a styling comb and her crown/dress are removable. She requires 2 AAA batteries (included) and she plays 8 phrases/songs when you push the blue button on her cutie mark. It's made of hard plastic which seems very sturdy, and her wings move/light up when you push said button. I only have two minor complaints with this pony. She has a cutie mark on only one side of her body. (I know I am not the first person to complain about this) The bigger problem I have is with the quality of her hair. It tangles horribly - I had it knotted all on my own within 2 minutes of taking her out of the packaging. I was being extra careful too! (My Fizzy is over 20 years old and her hair is fine!) Whatever - I plan on trying to take extra good care of it so Miri can enjoy it for years to come. I think it is totally worth the $19.99 price tag. (Not saying that $14.99 wouldn't have been better lol) We actually purchased another one tonight for Silas and Miri's cousin's birthday. I feel that with supervision Princess Cadance would be great for all ages. :)

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