Friday, September 20, 2013

Review | Butter than Love Hair Whipped by Wonder Curl

When I was a teenager I had beautiful spiral curls. I did not appreciate them at all. In fact, I did everything in my power to get rid of them lol. I wanted straight hair so badly...

Well, I finally got my wish. After I had Silas - my hair slowly began to lose it's curl. Since Miri only has a slight bit of wave to it. :/ I like this and's just that I don't exactly know what to do with such straight hair. I'm finding it very challenging to style it. Ponytails are nice...but I can't wait for it to get a little longer so it doesn't look so darn stupid. I think braids will eventually be my friend too. ;)
With all of this said...I still hold out hope that some miracle product will come along and raise my curls from the dead. (Zombie curls) Unfortunately, today's product worked no miracles for me. :( It did curl my sisters hair quite nicely though! So there lol! The model in the photo (above) is my little sister India. India seemed to really enjoy using the Butter than Love Hair Whipped. It's very nourishing. Her only complaint is that she found the smell a bit unpleasant. This only means that the formula doesn't include harsh perfumes though. After further research - unless I am misunderstanding something...this hair line is more geared towards African American ladies. Maybe that's why it didn't do anything particularly special for my sister's locks? ;) The "Hair Whipped" has a nice thick consistency that I'm sure would tame coarser hair beautifully. I really believe that it just depends on the person's hair type. In our's not the best product for curl enhancement. But may be great for your hair? Wonder Curl makes quality products that I definitely want people to check out. 
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Update 9/23/13 Response from Wonder Curl
Wonder Curl Thanks for your review. I think you probably would have loved the Get Set Hair Jelly and/or the Butter than Love Pudding. These products are my best sellers and work great together or on their own for any hair texture. You are correct, the Whipped is thicker for coarse, dry hair.
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