Tuesday, September 17, 2013

NOTD - Birthday Week Edition

Please excuse my crap-tastic quality photo again - it's another iPhone kinda night. (I'm being hella lazy over here) I really should be in bed right now but blogging doesn't require me to get off the sofa just yet lol. In honor of my birthday (on Friday)...I decided I should have fancy nails this week. I ended up picking out peel and stick Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. These babies last forever on my nails! Plus - they are super easy to apply and remove. You just really can't go wrong. They are cheaper than a manicure and I have found them to last longer. I have tried several of the designs in this line but I think this is my favorite so far. (The Bold Rush) It's a fun ombre' glitter set that doesn't have that nasty glitter texture. Am I the only one who hates the feeling of sparkle chunks? Removing real glitter polish is such a hassle too! With these - you get all the pros and zero cons. If you have not tried them out yet...you really should. 

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