Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finally - the Mumford & Sons Post!

This past Monday...Matt and I (and our friend Rachel) were absolutely blown away by Mumford & Sons at the concert in Pelham. It was one of my (early) birthday presents. It just may be the best birthday present that I have ever gotten lol. I could go on and on for hours about how suave Marcus Mumford is...and how they sounded spot on like their albums...but I will just post a couple photos and some videos instead. ;) I have been meaning to get this post up sooner but I have been experiencing some chronic pain lately. I was miserable at work today - so I ended up taking a 1/4 of a muscle relaxer. (Bad decision) I was like a fast moving zombie for the remainder of the day. (Bad news bears) My vitamin D was really low maybe this is possibly causing the pain? The doctor may be in my near future if the pain doesn't subside soon. Onto the good stuff...
Haha Matt's forehead disappeared. ;) Rachel and I went to a Spice Girls concert together 16 years ago...we had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that it had indeed been 16 years lol. (Feeling old)
My $35 shirt, haha. (At least it wasn't $50 like the Elton shirt)

We got there quite early if you can't tell. Maybe we were a little too excited? We didn't have to wait in line for t-shirts or margaritas though!

Our iPhones took total crap pictures. If I knew they weren't checking for cameras I would have brought the Canon. Is that a thing anymore? Do they check for things like that in the age of smartphones? I'm such a granny. 

----------> See them perform "I'm On Fire" here <---------
Towards the end of the show (second link above) the band ended up playing "Sweet Home Alabama." (Why - not?) They pulled a random guy out of the audience to sing it. (It was pretty darn epic) The guy didn't actually do so bad! The whole concert was just amaze-balls

I will have additional videos up on my new YouTube channel ;) later this week. 
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