Monday, April 1, 2013

Review | Alex and Ani

Last year for my 26th birthday my lovely sister-in-law Christine gave me a Alex and Ani bangle. I can now say that I am completely obsessed. My favorite finish is the Russian Gold.

These bangles make the greatest gifts. I know what I am getting my sister-in-laws every year for their birthdays for the next several years. ;) shhh, don't tell them. They go great with any outfit and feel so personal, and they are expandable! (So no worries about them not fitting.) Above, you can see my "M" bangle for Miri, I'm supposed to get my "S" for Silas bangle for Mother's Day. When I went in search for the "M" bangle I found that the Alex and Ani website was sold out. This is when I discovered my Nordstrom deal. 
Free shipping. Free returns. All the time. :) They had the "M" bangle I was searching for in the correct finish and everything. (Excite!) Plus, free shipping! For some reason I feel like it might have been tax free as well. (View Nordstrom's Alex and Ani selection) So even if you don't get it tax free you are still saving $6.88 in shipping, and you get access to the sold out pieces. This company and their jewelry line get a big thumbs up from this girl. Go check them out right this second.

Check out their "Charity By Design" section. When bracelets from this collection are purchased, 20% of the proceeds go to different charities. Want even more pros? They are made in the USA and are made from recycled materials. How awesome is that?

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