Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Review | Wet N Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color

When it comes to lipstick I'm super lazy. I rarely re-apply. I just grab a napkin and wipe off the remaining product. Such is the life of a busy mama. So - I was wandering around Walgreens the other day looking at the pricey extended wear lipsticks when I spotted this beauty.
Let me type that out one more time for you. $1.99! This is the ultimate dupe folks. Some of the other brands I scanned over (and have begrudgingly purchased before) range from $7-11! I mean come on...you just can't beat Wet N Wild. I only picked up one in shade 921A Red My Mind. I'm definitely going to have to go back and purchase several others. I applied this bad boy early yesterday morning and wiped it off with makeup remover late last night. Color me impressed. 
I will say it is pretty drying, as are most extended wear lipsticks/stains. I'm willing to live with that, it's worth it getting to be this lazy lol. I just make sure I apply a gloss at night when I go to sleep. Gotta hydrate! I'll let you guys know which other colors I pick up on my next drugstore trip. 

Also, if you are digging my clear makeup bag featured in the first photo in this post. I purchased it at Wal-mart for around $3. I wanted a smaller clear makeup bag to travel with. I was using a giant caboodles case...it was just too big. 

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