Thursday, March 14, 2013

Review | Maybelline Color Tattoo

Last year I bought two of these eyeshadows after my sister bought a grey/silver shade. I was really unimpressed with the product and gave them both to my mom. (I doubt she has even tried them) They were sticky and hard to smooth, they kinda just smudged around the container if you know what I mean. (Gross)
Okay folks, either I'm going crazy or they have changed the formula. I am absolutely lovin' this eyeshadow! (If i'm correct) Along with formula change, they have also changed the packaging a bit. I remember my other shadows being a bit more glass heavy, this one seems to have more plastic to glass ratio. It's so easy to blend and last all day, no creasing. I have tried it with and without a primer and i'm happy with it's wearability either way. 
I'm so tempted to dash to Ulta and grab all the other colors. Lately I've been only using my Urban Decay Naked palette, so this is a happy change. Every girl needs some variety in her life right? I love that this shadow is so no fuss. Being a mama of two, some days it's just nice to slap on this cream shadow and go. It looks really lovely on and I couldn't be happier with it. :)
Maybelline Color Tattoo 25 Bad to the Bronze (Around $6)
If you have any information about a possible formula change please let me know. Did this only happen in the US? Or did it happen in the UK as well?


  1. the colour is very nice and your review is very good! great work sweety <3