Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Review | Wet N Wild Fergie Shimmer Palette

For some reason I have been on a Fergie or "fergalicious" kick lately. My first find was an amazing pair of black heels that were Fergie brand at the mall. Maybe I should post pictures of those later? (I bought them for a Mad Men party on Sunday) My second find was this gorgeous luminizer from Walgreens yesterday.
It was one of those love at first sight moments for me. I've been searching for the perfect luminizer for awhile now. With a price tag of $5.99 I just couldn't say no. (For 0.4 oz) Plus, I had a gift card...cha-ching. 
I have to say that I think Wet N Wild is really stepping up their game, I really adore this collection. (View it here) Like their other products, this shimmer palette is high pigment. It claims that you can wear it wet or dry. I have only tried applying it dry, I guess tomorrow I may try it wet. It creates the perfect summer glow. (Tired Mamas can also benefit from a glow) All in all, I'm really pleased with this product. Go check out the Fergie collection at your local drugstore! 

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