Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Review | Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist

I received this Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist in my ipsy March glam bag. At first glance I thought it was very similar to one of my favorite products by LUSH (Eau Roma Water.) After properly testing it (I accidentally sprayed my husband in the eye first) I realized it is quite different. 
This product has a certain "zing" that the Eau Roma Water doesn't have. No wonder my husband screamed "my eyeball!" I'm only going to assume that it's the citric acid that I just found in the ingredients. (Haha) I personally like it, but I can imagine that it wouldn't be a sensation for everybody. 
The sleek packaging caught my attention when I opened my glam bag (it's all frosted and stuff.) It also didn't hurt that it said "organic." Who doesn't love organic stuff nowadays? I think this spray would be great after a nice workout. For the time being it will be my morning spray, while my Eau Roma Water will be my night spray. I'm not sure about purchasing a full size spray, it's $22 for a 6.75 oz bottle. (Ouch) I would however consider putting it on a Christmas or birthday list. The Juice Beauty website claims that it tones, hydrates, and refreshes...I would tend to agree. 

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