Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This Is Halloween

----> This Is Halloween <----
Go ahead and sing the song - I know you wanna. Actually...I found myself singing (and dancing) to this song at a wedding reception just this past weekend. Nightmare Before Christmas songs are a great way to bring the inner 7 year old out of a group of full grown adults lol. 
The wedding was pretty darn fantastic...I mean...they lit a unity rocket folks! (Not kidding) I wish I had more photos but I got into the boxed wine! ;) Darn that boxed wine! (Shakes fist)
We all stayed out past 1 am. (Gasp you should!) What's really impressive is that we all didn't go into cardiac arrest after dancing to "Shout." We were really feeling the late 20s and early 30s. (So much jumping I tell you!) We ended our night over at Ruthie's house, and she has a massive bug collection. Because - let's mix alcohol and bugs...why not? LOL No humans or insects were harmed and I came home with two pet hissing cockroaches? How does that even happen? The husband definitely does not approve. I will spare you from photos of them. They are named Jake and Elwood. ;) At least I didn't leave with 10 - like Joy. I figured they would be a nice science-type experiment for Silas? So many question marks!

Halloween is only 2 days away...and our party is only 3 days away! I'm really looking forward to taking lots of awesome photos this week. Maybe throw in a review or two? I know I've been gone a while. 

How was your Tuesday? Miri the mouse is still awake. -_O
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