Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Blogging Space!

This little area may currently be my favorite little nook in the entire house. How adorable is it? :) I thought it would be fun to give a little e-tour of my new blogging space.

1. This gold vintage chair belonged to my great-grandmother, "NaNa." She passed away many years ago - but we just got our hands on this a couple of weeks ago. It was in a storage shed thats contents were going to be thrown away. Good thing we saved it!

2. LOL This is my "Patron Saint of Smiling" art. It is one of my favorite pieces in the house. Matt and I found it on a trip to Orlando. (Pure gold!) I have mad love for Will Ferrell...many of my friends don't...so they don't find it as amusing as I do. ;) If it doesn't make you laugh, it's your loss.

3. This is a painting that my grandfather affectionately calls "Mammie." The artist was a family friend that sadly passed away a couple of years ago. We have another painting that goes with it that is displayed on the opposite wall in the dining room. I don't think the other one has a name? It's an old man sitting on a basket with the same cotton field in the back. I can remember these hanging in my grandparent's house during my childhood...so they are both very special. :)

4. How cute is this desk? We bought it from our friend Erin just last week. It didn't look anything like this though! (See before and after photo) It was her dad's desk that he owned during the 60s. I think it turned out quite nicely! All it needed was a couple coats of paint, polycrylic, and new hardware. Brand new!
5. Awww - it's Silas' hands and footprints. He was 20 months old when he made this for me. I think it was a mother's day present? I adore it. 

6. Lastly, my Daher tins. Matt loves to give me lots of grief over them. He is constantly making fun of the name. Whatever! If you want me to love you forever...give me a Daher tin. You can find them scattered about antique and thrift stores. Make sure it has this stamp though! (Below) There are many fakes roaming around out there! One of my best friends (Ruthie) got me into collecting them. She has like...a million. They were used as decorations for her wedding reception. It was beautiful. 
Designed By Daher
Long Island NY
Container Made
In England

How was your day? :) Tomorrow is hump day! Does anybody else hate that damn camel as much as I do? I hear his voice in my head every Wednesday when I crawl out of bed. Ugh.

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