Thursday, October 10, 2013

Feature | Eynack Glasses

I'm really excited to spread the news about my super cute new glasses. :) These are a fashion pair - but I'm very much considering having prescription lenses put in them. Aren't they adorable?

They are designer acetate/organic sustainable bamboo glasses made by Eynack. (Handmade, actually!) I wore them to work the day after they arrived in the mail and I received many compliments throughout my day. They look simply lovely on - very unique. The "Bomer" frames put a new spin on the classic nerd glasses. My only complaint is that I got a slight headache towards the end of the day. I'm going to blame that on my sensitive noggin. I can't even wear's ridiculous. They are affordable and there are many styles to choose from. What is one of my favorite things about Eynack? For every pair of glasses purchased on their site they donate TWO pairs to children in need. How awesome is that?
----------> View their entire collection here <----------
I may need to add the "Expert Shades" to my Christmas list. ;)

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How has your week been so far? I'm not going to lie - it has been quite a long week for this mama. Nothing that a Starbuck's coffee won't fix! ;) Interested in seeing October's Birchbox tomorrow?
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