Friday, March 14, 2014

Review | PureLip's Lip Buff

Photo credit: PureLips
Guys - I'm so in love with the intensive lip repair product that I'm going to feature today. It's made by Pond Parker (cutest name ever btw) over at PureLips. You may remember me briefly mentioning this lip cream in my monthly favorites post. I'm doing it again...because I's just good stuff y'all! 
This weather has been miserable lately. It really can't decide if it wants to be warm or cold here in Alabama. (Go home weather - you're drunk) Because of said weather - my lips have been a hot mess (much like my acne) BUT that is for a another day lol. Pond Parker's Lip Buff is all natural/handmade and available in a whopping 17 flavors and two different sizes! I currently own 2 - lemon butter cake (my favorite) and soy chai latte. It literally melts into your lips! I have seen 100%  improvement in the condition of my lips since I began using this product. (No more peeling!) I really think it is because it's formulated without wax. Prior to this I had never used anything on my lips that wasn't wax based. Obviously, products with wax in them just sit on your lips - nothing gets absorbed...even $6+ chapstick from Target was drying my lips out. Riddikulus! What a waste of money! I've traded my peeling lips for a lip butter addiction lol - whatever...I will take it. 
Photo credit: PureLips
I'm going to keep this review short and sweet. For a list of the ingredients you can click the link above. I purchased one of these for my makeup box, and one for my handbag, and I plan on purchasing a additional Lip Buff to put on my bedside table. That's how great I think this stuff is. MUST HAVE ONE EVERYWHERE I GO. ;)

I have a coupon for you if you would like to try some Lip Buff. Enter MARCHMADNESS20 at checkout and you will receive 20% off on your order. Be sure to leave PureLips some amazing feedback!
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