Thursday, March 20, 2014

Review | Almay intense i-color

I drooled over this shadow trio for about a week before I finally purchased it. I decided on a whim to go grab it after 9pm a few nights ago. (I wanted to wear it to work the following day!) This means that I had the following choices - CVS or the dreaded Opelika Walmart. I am aware that Target carries it for $4.99...but they weren't open! Moral of the story? Leave your house earlier and go to Target or Walmart instead lol. (Cheaper outcome) 

This is a pretty spiffy little line from Almay, with a comically long name. (Lot's of i's going on) There are 4 different colors available - brown, green, hazel, and blue. They are specifically designed to enhance your eye color. My eyes are dark brown - so obviously I picked up the "for browns" set. The photos above were swatched/applied with no primer. (I plan on picking some up this weekend.) With that said - I still feel like the color payoff is loverly even without it. :) The "crease" shade is probably my favorite in the set. It's such a gorgeous shimmery lilac with a hint of gold. It was really the selling point for me lol. This set is great if you are looking to achieve that perfect smokey eye with ease. (& remember - it's cheaper at Target lol) 
Coconut oil (of all things) finally cleared up my face. (I will chat more about that small miracle later) So here is the photo I promised. What's on my face?
Eyes: Almay intense i-color 401 smoky-i for browns
Lips: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in the shade #225 Sultry
Cheeks: AddictiveCosmetics' "Orgasmic" Mineral Blush (available here)

How was your Thursday? I am looking forward to this weekend! I'm ready to spend some quality time with my hubby. :)
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