Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March's Lust-worthy Etsy Finds

I tend to mostly stick to Etsy when shopping online these days. I like supporting artists - it gives me the warm fuzzies don't yah know. :) I noticed a trend with my previous "lust-worthy" features...most of the items were...from Etsy lol. So - I'm changing things up a bit. All of the items that I post each month from now on will strictly be from Etsy. (Capiche?) So now you can do your shopping all on one site. ;) I'm such the enabler. Here's what I have been drooling over lately...

What did you think of this months picks? I went ahead and purchased the industrial charm. When it arrives in the mail I will make sure to post a photo of it on my industrial bar. I'm pretty excited - I've been looking for a dangly feather earring for forever. I hope everybody has a fantastic hump day. (Camel be damned)
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