Saturday, December 7, 2013

My favorite Winter fragrance!

Ugh - I am just getting over the plague. :( Everybody in the Cherry house has it - minus the animals. (Thank goodness) I tend to always worry about the rabbit since he lives in the kid's room. Enough about all this snotty business though!

Here it is folks! I am absolutely loving my new Mary Kay fragrance! It has such a rich scent - unlike the Bath & Body Works version. It's something that you can enjoy all year long, but I feel like I'm going to especially gravitate towards it during the cold season. :) There's just something about it.
It's a perfect mix of warm amber and creamy sandalwood - that's not too musky.  I'm a big fan of earthy scents and this one is particularly enjoyable. I used to douse myself in patchouli...which I really regret ever doing. LOL (There was this whole Walmart thing that happened, not good) This is a much better alternative. (Oh, and a little patchouli goes a long way people) Don't even get me started on the dreadlocks girl that I can smell before I see her coming. (I've run into her 3 times in the past two weeks) I think she takes patchouli baths - I should know...because that's what I used to do haha. 
If you are interested in trying out this perfume for yourself or purchasing it as a Christmas present you may want to check out the two links below. 

What's that you say? You don't have a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant to purchase these from? I happen to have just the loverly lady for you! 
All the way from Texas!
Who I have had the pleasure of being best friends with since I was 5 lol. We have obviously always been into cosmetics haha. 
You can visit her site by clicking the link below. :)

She has some great holiday specials going on right now! So go check it out. 
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