Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Play! by Sephora Unboxing | May 2016

I really wanted to have this unboxing posted sooner than this. Oh, well - some things never change lol. 
Play! by Sephora is yet another beauty subscription service. It contains a curation of five deluxe samples, and a little card for free one-on-one tutorials. 
The subscription is $10/month and by invite only - you can hop on the wait list by entering your e-mail address here. (There are currently a limited number of slots available - maybe this will change in the future?)
Firstly, the packaging was super cute. I stashed the little drawstring bag in hopes of maybe stuffing it with goodies and gifting it in the future. (Birthday - Sephora trial size items?) 
Inside the box was a large fold out pamphlet with detailed (ingredients) information on each of the samples. My only complaint? No prices! WTF mate.
(You can "unlock" more content by using the Sephora app and clicking the scan button.)
I'm going to do the leg work and list each of the samples and their full retail price below. :)

I intend on purchasing a full size version of this product. It smells divine and works amazingly well. 

I was pretty happy with the May 2016 box. I honestly just wanted to see what all the hype was about. I definitely think it's worth $10/month. I did choose to go ahead and cancel Play! and my Proactiv subscription. The kids are starting on some fancy Juice Plus+ vitamins tomorrow. (I had to prioritize lol) They have been so sick, hopefully the chews will help! 
How is your week going so far? Silas is sick AGAIN. He ended up missing the last day of Kindergarten today. :( 
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