Tuesday, May 17, 2016

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Happy Tuesday you guys! Guess what? There are only four full days of Kindergarten left for Silas. Happy dance! This past school year has been filled with so many illnesses for our family. (I'm thinking that 1st grade will be better!) I'm ready for a nice break from the germs. 
This past month I was fortunate enough to find a wonderful chiropractor that is about 4 minutes from our house. My back was very out of sorts when I first visited her...and she totally fixed it. :) That's not the only thing she did - she also reignited my love for essential oils. I was in her office complaining about the sickly kiddos and she recommended adjustments and Young Living. (She is now my enroller) 
(Photo credit: Young Living essential oils)
This first oil I decided to experiment with was "Thieves." We needed some well kids up in here, and my chiropractor spoke highly of it. So far - it seems to be very helpful! Silas was out of school with yet another cold this past Tuesday. BUT - Silas was able to recover on his own this round of illness. (No doctors/antibiotics required) Hooray!  I have been diffusing this in our home since it arrived in the mail to and I believe it is successfully promoting family wellness.
I was so impressed with the results that I just ordered the 14.4 fl oz Thieves Household Cleaner. (+ a glass spray bottle from Amazon & a decal from Etsy) I am absolutely loving the scent. Seriously, the entire house smells like Christmas, y'all. I can't wait to wipe down everything with the cleaner. 
All-purpose cleaner: Combine 1 capful Thieves Household Cleaner and 2–3 cups water.
(Add to a spray bottle - voila!) 
(Photo credit: PrettyLilParty Etsy)
I'm also really excited about adding essential oil recipes to the blog. If you have kids and they seem to be constantly sick, you really should give essential oils a try. Do you have any recipes you would like me to try out?

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