Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Review | Makeup Revolution London - Vivid Baked Highlighter

I took a chance on purchasing this highlighter and I'm very glad I did. I figured I could never have too many highlighters right?! Well, it very well may be the best $6 I've ever spent. 😉 I stumbled across this brand on a recent trip to ULTA. A very large bit of the drugstore cosmetic section was devoted to this brand. Everything in their line was very affordable. I'm definitely going to have to go back to purchase some of their lovely palettes.
I picked up this vivid baked highlighter in the shade "golden lights." I only wish I discovered it before I dropped all that cash on my Hourglass highlighter. 😁 I believe I prefer this one over the pricier highlighter.
Sweet baby pigmented Jesus? The above photo was actually a very light handed swatch. I was bringing the ice princess realness when I was wearing this powder today. I set it with a finishing spray and it looked fabulous till I washed my face. 👍🏻
Sorry! I've got to get a better lighting situation. This photo just isn't doing this highlighter justice. Here it is swatched next to my Hourglass highlighter. 

Am I calling this a dupe? Not exactly. The Hourglass powder has a slightly softer  texture and less gold undertones. Will I continue to use my Hourglass powder? Hell yeah, that shit was $38 lol. 😂 I think these guys both have a place in my collection. I will definitely be re-purchasing the $6 highlighter when I hit pan on both and skipping out on that trip to Sephora.

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